11 Confusing, Freaky, Or Downright Goofy Things Accidentally Caught on Camera While Filming a Movie

11 Confusing, Freaky, Or Downright Goofy Things Accidentally Caught on Camera While Filming a Movie

You know the feeling. You’re cutting together a Hollywood movie, then something insanely freaky pops up on screen, and you get the director on the horn ASAP. Or maybe you didn’t catch it right away. You, like everyone else who may have seen the footage, continue watching as if nothing strange has been captured… Until a hawkeyed viewer sounds the alarm years later. Don’t beat yourself up for missing them, we’re talking about fractions of a second here, and you were probably not on the hunt for UFOs or ghosts in the first place.

Steven Spielberg embraced his surprise capture, and gave it subtle nods throughout his career, but this moment in Jaws is something we’d all be excited to witness. For a lot of these other filmmakers, they (like us) were left perplexed, or were even scared enough to have them removed from their films. Nobody was attempting to capture anything like these, but they ended up walking away with the 11 oddest possible things to accidentally catch on camera while filming a movie. 

The only reason anyone talks about this movie.

CRACKED TWO UFOS FLOATING IN THE BACKGROUND. In this 2000 straight-to-TV thriller, after Traci drives a car into the water, the camera pulls back for a wide shot, and two glowing white orbs are seen floating in the sky. No one has been able to explain these UFOs. POISON


Someone in the props department got a deal!

CRACKED A LONG-LOST PIECE OF ART. A painting in the 1999 movie was spotted by art historian Gergely Barki in 2009 while watching it with his daughter. The movie got it at an antiques shop, and had no idea it was a missing masterpiece from the 1920s. It sold at auction for £182,000. STUART LITTLE

The Guardian

This is what happens when you film on a disaster site!

CRACKED A GHOST IN THE FUGITIVE. When Harrison Ford climbs from a fiery wreckage, a man's face is seen staring into the camera. The editor found it 8 years later and was asked to remove it. The scene was filmed on the site of the 1882 Cowee Tunnel disaster. THE FUGITIVE


We’ll let PETA be the judge.

CRACKED A GUY THROWING A DOG INTO A RIVER. While Hulk Hogan rides his motorcycle, a man can be spotted in the background, chucking his dog into the water. People debate whether this was animal cruelty, or just an old school way of teaching his dog how to swim. MR. NANNY


Hell yeah it’s good luck, Steven!

CRACKED A SHOOTING STAR IN JAWS. During the night scene, while Brody grabs his gun, a shooting star soars behind his head. Spielberg thought it was good luck, and has since digitally added shooting stars into movies like Close Encounters, and Temple of Doom.


Okay, this one wasn’t shot on a movie camera, but it’s on a movie star’s camera!

CRACKED RUSSELL CROWE'S UFO FOOTAGE. In Sydney, Australia's Royal Botanical Gardens, Crowe captured a series of pictures that he claims is a UFO moving quickly across the sky. His very X-Files-esque tweet became worldwide news.

Youtube / Mirror / Page Six 

Man, that stunt driver really sold that crash. Wait…

CRACKED A CAR CRASH. Filming without permits, the epic car chase has stunt driver Bill Hickman dodging and weaving (at high speeds) in actual NYC traffic. Не accidentally smashed into the car of a man on his morning commute. THE FRENCH CONNECTION


A creepy game of red light/green light?!

CRACKED CHILDREN FROZEN IN TIME. While Laura Dern is humble-bragging about her acting career, the children on the lawn completely freeze. Whether they froze the kids in post, or the kids are that good at staying still, the 7 seconds of freezing in a moving scene is quite eerie. EVERYTHING MUST GO


Ghost or UFO? You be the judge.

CRACKED A UFO OR A GHOST IN RIO GRANDE. In the 1950 movie, a strange light moves erratically behind John Wayne's head. Some fans say UFO (if it was shot on location), and some say ghost (if it was shot on a soundstage), because either way, no one can explain what moves like that.


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