13 Actually Cool Things Celebrities Did with Their Nepo Babies

Danny DeVito’s demon daddy-daughter day.
13 Actually Cool Things Celebrities Did with Their Nepo Babies

Any kid looking at surface-level show business would want to be involved. It’s make believe meets winning the lottery. Well, if mommy or daddy just happened to be deep in “the biz” (just puked a little typing that), then you’ve got a golden ticket to the chocolate factory, nepo baby! And not to say that all celebrity spawn are itching to get in. Many celebrities try to shelter their kids from the entertainment cesspool. Just sayin’... It can be a pretty enticing path, but there are some pretty cool ways in, and that’s why we’re here. 

Many of us have dealt with daddy’s boy on the job, and he can be hard to take seriously. Although incredibly entertaining, the Roy kids on Succession are the greasiest examples of what not to do. Not us, though. See, we’re all the sons and daughters of the late, great Cracked founder, John Cracked, and we couldn’t be happier that Daddy C got us in the mix. R.I.P, King. Here are 13 other cool projects that celebrities got their little nepo babies involved in.

Robin and his wife played a ton of Zelda while she was pregnant.

CRACKED ROBIN & ZELDA WILLIAMS' NINTENDO COMMERCIAL. In 2012, Robin and Zelda Williams starred in a commercial for The Legend Of Zelda together. They also starred as father and daughter in 2004's House of D.

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Honey, can you come give a completely heartbreaking speech to the entire school?

CRACKED BRYAN CRANSTON'S DAUGHTER TAYLOR WAS IN BREAKING BAD. In the 2010 episode No Mas, Bryan asked his daughter to play a traumatized student who describes her experience hearing the plane crash.

Youtube / Youtube 

The Apatow's keep it in the family.

GRACKED JUDD APATOW REGULARLY CASTS HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTERS. Judd has had his wife, Leslie Mann, and daughters, Maude and Iris Apatow, play mother and daughters in Knocked Up, Funny People, and This is 40. Judd cast Iris in his series Love, and Leslie & Iris in his 2022 film The Bubble.


The danger element is pretty cool.

CRACKED PINK & HER DAUGHTER'S HIGH-FLYING PERFORMANCE. Her kids often accompany her on tour. She and her daughter Willow sang together on Cover Me In Sunshine, and performed an aerial performance of the song together at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.

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Okay sweetie, you can join the resistance.

CRACKED BILLIE LOURD CARRIED THE TORCH FOR CARRIE FISHER. Fisher's daughter played Lieutenant Connix alongside Princess Leia in the sequel trilogy. After Fisher's passing, her face was digitally imposed on Lourd's for The Rise of Skywalker.


“The big one’s watchin’ the little one.”

CRACKED KEVIN SMITH'S LITERAL NEPO BABY. Loobs UN UOII COMI AL S A AL EGO DIEGO ON CON COMIC INT RNATIONA Not only did Kevin Smith give his daughter a DC comic book character's name, Harley Quinn Smith actually played baby Silent Bob in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

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Maybe I can have groundbreaking ideas like my old man.

CRACKED BARRY LEVINSON INSPIRED HIS SON, SAM. NEON GOZIE IGBO ASSASSINATION NATION ON GOT ASSiNATiON AFE TION .. DE LA PROFESSO SSASSiNATiON 600 Sam Levinson played War Room Player in his father Barry's movie Toys. Writing, directing, and producing runs in the family, since Sam did all that for HBO's Euphoria.

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It seems like they have a much better off-screen relationship.

CRACKED ROB LOWE AND HIS SON'S NETFLIX SHOW. AL CE fo REN' S NCE Lowe and his youngest son, John Owen Lowe, star in the 2023 Netflix comedy series Unstable. They play polar opposites forced to work together.

Wonderwall / EW 

A Happy Madison production… Obviously.

CRACKED ADAM SANDLER IS MORE APATOW THAN APATOW. MOTES MOTTE Over 20 of Sandler's movies have featured his wife Jackie Sandler and/or their daughters, Sunny & Sadie. They will all star together again in the movie adaptation of Fiona Rosenbloom's 2005 novel You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah!


The father/son duo who shopped around a hit sitcom together.

CRACKED EUGENE & DAN LEVY'S SCHITT'S CREEK. A massively successful father/son creation, the Canadian comedy ran for 6 seasons and swept all the major comedy categories at the 2020 Emmys. Eugene won for outstanding lead actor in a comedy, and Dan took home outstanding supporting actor.

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