Are you ready to shake your groove thing and learn some funky fresh facts? Get down with the cannabis, man's best friend, and silk history as we explore some disco-tastic trivia! For starters, did you know that cannabis was likely the first cultivated plant, used first as a textile and then as a pharmaceutical? That's right, weed has been around since the dawn of civilization- it wasn’t just invented for Grateful Dead concerts! And speaking of things that never go out of style, such as Disco, the name Fido is popular for dogs because it means trusty in Latin! Because you can’t trust The Man but you can trust man’s best friend! And let's not forget about the luxurious fabric of silk, that perfect shiny fabric that kept ABBA in the hottest shimmeriest fashions! It was kept a secret by China for almost 2000 years. So, put on your bell-bottoms and platform shoes, and let's get funky with these far-out facts!

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