12 Once-Beloved Celebrities Whose Bizarre Behavior Got Them Booted From Major Productions

12 Once-Beloved Celebrities Whose Bizarre Behavior Got Them Booted From Major Productions

Ah, show business. It's a world of glamor and fame, but it's also a world of cutthroat competition and backstabbing. It's a world where one mistake can cost you your career, and where sometimes the truth can be too much for the powers that be. This list is a testament to the many talented people who have been let go from their jobs in show business for a variety of reasons. 

From Justin Roiland being arrested to Robert Reed's refusal to say a line in the last episode of 'The Brady Bunch', to Russell Brand's naughty radio antics, to Chris Farley and Adam Sandler's lack of ratings, to Rick Moranis's Russian accent, to Michael Bublé's hot dog theft, to Janet Hubert and Will Smith's eye-roll worthy feud, to John Kricfalusi's tardiness, to Andrew Garfield's rudeness, and finally to Marc Summers's honest talk about his OCD, these stories are a reminder of how quickly things can change in show business. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the many reasons why these talented people were let go from their jobs in show business.

Marc Summers: Fired for being honest.

CRACKED HOLLYWOOD SQUARES MARC SUMMERS Marc Summers, who was the first host of the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, got the boot from his job on the Hollywood Squares version after he talked about his OCD on the Oprah Show. Apparently, that was kind of a black mark.

Huffpost / Fandom 

Andrew Garfield: Fired for rudeness, apparently.

CRACKED THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANDREW GARFIELD Andrew Garfield was let go from the Spider-Man movies after he turned down a Sony exec's invite to be a guest at a fancy event in Rio de Janeiro. Apparently you really, really don't want to bruise the wrong ego, even if you're a megastar.

IB Times / Billboard 

Changes made.

CRACKED SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE CHRIS FARLEY In 1995, Chris Farley was let go from SNL after he was accused of touching a female extra without her permission and doing some weird stuff with a golf club in front of the writers. Among other things.

Looper / CNN 

Robert Reed: too real for The Brady Bunch.

CRACKED THE BRADY BUNCH ROBERT REED Robert Reed, the actor who played Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch, wouldn't say a line in the show's last episode because he thought it was wrong - he argued that hair tonic can't turn someone's hair orange. And so he wasn't in the finale.


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