13 Bits Of Trivia That Lit Up Long-Forgotten Neural Pathways In Our Brains

Aber-clam Lincoln lives.
13 Bits Of Trivia That Lit Up Long-Forgotten Neural Pathways In Our Brains

Ah, the wonders of the modern world! From bison-omics to baseball stars, it seems like there's something new every day. But what's truly amazing is the sheer variety of stories that make up the fabric of our lives. From the federal funds used to bring bison back to Native American lands to the Powerball ticket that rewarded a Boeing employee's 36 years of service, these stories are all kinda unique and inspiring in their own way. We are also seeing a greater global effort to protect our oceans and a touching story of two teens surviving in the snow. And let's not forget the Bruce Lee-inspired role for Donnie Yen and the giant 214-year-old clam named after Abraham Lincoln! 

This list is a collection of some of the most inspiring stories from the past few months. They show us the power of collaboration, the importance of preserving our natural resources, and the strength of the human spirit. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these incredible tales of resilience and hope.

Kallas: helping Ukraine, winning elections.

CRACKED Kaja Kallas re-elected in Estonia, continues to support Ukraine. Estonia's Prime Minister was voted back into office in the recent election, with her center-right Reform Party getting the most votes. Kallas is a big supporter of Ukraine and has given them a lot of help, including weapons and aid.

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Scotland leads.

CRACKED Scotland: saving the planet one breath at a time. Scotland has become the first nation to ban hospitals from using the anesthetic desflurane due to its environmental impact. This move is expected to reduce emissions by the same amount as powering 1,700 homes annually.


Mystery solved...finally.

CRACKED 44 years later, a woman's son solves her murder. After 44 years of wondering, the woman found shot dead in the woods in Granby, Massachusetts in 1978 has finally been identified as Patricia Ann Tucker. Her son, Matthew Dale, was able to figure out who she was with the help of DNA evidence. UNKNOWN NOV.18. 1978 IN GOD'S CARE


MK: recovered, rescued, famous.

CRACKED A famous bald eagle couple from Mystic River got their own children's book. MK, a female bald eagle, was rescued in eastern Massachusetts after being too weak to fly due to poisoning. She and her partner KZ are well-known in the Mystic River area and even have a children's book about them.


Aber-clam Lincoln: freed.

CRACKED Aber-clam Lincoln: 214 years old and still alive and kickin'. A man in Florida found a giant clam that was estimated to be 214 years old, dating back to 1809 when Abraham Lincoln was born. It was named Aber-clam Lincoln and released back into the Gulf of Mexico. se IF POL

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Free books for the people!

CRACKED A writer is giving away 6,000 books to those who need them most. A writer and cultural historian, has set up a non-profit organization called the Free Books Campaign, which is giving away 6,000 books for free to people in the UK and Ireland. These books, by authors of color and are intended for those who can't afford them. ROSEWATER LIV LITTLE TIA MILLIAMS Wrists et Work Cleading Tale SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE


Buddies saved.

CRACKED Two teens survive three days in the snow, cuddling for warmth. On March 6, 2023, two teenage boys were rescued after being stranded in a snowstorm in the San Bernardino Mountains for three days. They kept each other warm by cuddling, and were eventually spotted by a search and rescue helicopter. His Mart SNACK SHOP


Saving the world, one ocean at a time.

CRACKED The world unites to save the oceans - finally. Almost 200 countries have come together with a treaty to protect the world's oceans from the destruction caused by shipping, overfishing, pollution, and deep-sea mining. This is a major step forward in preserving 30% of the planet's land and sea.


Boeing employee wins big.

CRACKED 36 years of service rewarded with a 747 million dollar Powerball ticket. A Boeing employee recently won a massive Powerball jackpot. To commemorate their 36 years of service, they bought the ticket for $747 million and celebrated with a cake featuring a 747 jet. LOTTERY P O W E R BALL DATE February 28. 2023 PAY TO THE ORDER OF Becky В. Seven Hundred Fifty-four Million, Five Hundred $754,550,826 Fifty Thousand, Eight Hundred, and Twenty Six FOR Power


Bison-omics 101.

CRACKED U.S. officials are spending $25 million to bring bison back to Native Americans. U.S. officials are working with Native Americans to bring bison back to their lands. They are using $25 million in federal funds to help protect the bison and reconnect Native Americans with the iconic animal of the American West.


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