13 Absolutely Humongous Examples Of Normally Small Things

The world’s largest bird’s nest is more spacious than some yachts.
13 Absolutely Humongous Examples Of Normally Small Things

Ah, the things we humans can do. We can build the biggest structures, the most powerful machines, and the most mind-boggling creations. But there’s one thing we can’t do - we can’t outdo nature. We may think we can, but no matter how hard we try, nature always has something bigger, better, and more impressive than anything we can conjure up. And really, we mean that... even when we’re not expecting it.

Take this list, for example. We’ve got the biggest snowflake ever, the biggest artificial molecule, the biggest foreskin (we couldn’t avoid talking about dicks on a list like this), the biggest virus, the biggest earthworm, the longest parsnip, the biggest tadpole, the longest fingernails, the longest nose, the longest noodle, and the biggest bird’s nest. And while some of these were created by human hands, many are natural phenomena, and they are -- by and large -- deeply terrifying on a primal level.

We’re telling you.

Huge examples of normally small things A gigantic ancient virus Scientists made a huge discovery when they revived Pithovirus sibericum, which had been frozen in permafrost in Siberia for 34,000 years. It's the biggest virus in the world and can only affect single-celled organisms, like amoebae. CRACKED

Julia Bartoli and Chantal Abergel,
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