We may think of the internet as a vast repository of knowledge, but it’s also a place of danger and deception. We’ve all heard of the dark web, and the dangers of online scams and hackers, but there’s another side to the internet that’s less well known: its use in criminal activity. From murder to theft, criminals are increasingly turning to the internet to help them carry out their nefarious deeds. This list is a testament to the power of the internet, and the lengths criminals will go to in order to commit their crimes.

It’s a sad fact that the internet can be used to commit some of the most heinous of crimes, and this list is a testament to that. From Casey Anthony to Robert Petrick, Justin Barber to Anurag Johri, and Renee Burke to Melanie McGuire, this list is full of stories of people who used the internet to commit murder and more. We can only hope that these stories serve as a warning to others, and that they think twice before using the internet for nefarious purposes... and if they don’t, they’ll be pretty easy to catch anyway.

Googled the wrong thing.

Incriminating Google searches a how to commit murder In 2007, Melanie McGuire was found guilty of murdering her husband and given a life sentence. Prosecutors used as proof her online searches, including how to purchase guns illegally, how to commit murder, and undetectable poisons. CRACKED

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ABC News

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