15 Pieces Of Trivia That Jolted Our Consciousness To The 5th Dimension

Procrastinators are built different.
15 Pieces Of Trivia That Jolted Our Consciousness To The 5th Dimension

Ah, procrastinators, Texans, John Candy, vanilla extract, Pulitzer Prizes, farmed salmon, the LAPD, Abe Lincoln, Point Nemo, lost spacecraft, Leonard Cohen, Shirley Temple, teenage assassins, 7-Eleven, marijuana, and Mount Everest. What an eclectic mix of topics! But what do they have in common? They all have fascinating stories behind them that you may not know. 

In this list, we’ll explore some of the more curious facts about these topics. For instance, did you know that procrastinators have different brain regions than non-procrastinators? Or that Texans are shocked to find out that pickles-on-popcorn isn’t a thing everywhere? Or that John Candy passed on a cut of Home Alone’s profits?

We’ll also look at some of the more bizarre facts. For example, did you know that vanilla extract can be dangerous if you drink too much? Or that Pulitzer Prizes don’t really pay off? Or that farmed salmon are deaf?

So if you’re looking for some interesting and unusual facts about these topics, you’ve come to the right place. 

On Mt. Everest, you can literally climb atop ancient sea creatures.

CRACKED MT. EVEREST WAS ONCE THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN. The summit of Mount Everest was the seafloor 470 million years ago and is made up of limestone rocks containing fragments of ancient marine invertebrate shells, such as trilobites, brachiopods, ostracods, and crinoids.

Montana U / NHM 

Pot lasts longer than heroin... in the body, anyway.

CRACKED MARIJUANA STICKS AROUND LONGER THAN HEROIN. MJ can be detected in the body for up to 3 days after light use, while heroin can be detected for a way shorter period -- less than 1 day.

Cordant / Barron 

7 to 11, with a little... luck?

CRACKED THE WIFE OF 7-ELEVEN'S PRESIDENT LOBBIED FOR THAT LOWER-CASE N. 7-ELEVEN - ELEVEN SONY acano Your their 97 The logo was designed in 1946 to show their new hours: 7 to 11. It's a red 7 with Eleven running through it, over a green four-leaf clover for luck. The lowercase 'n' was the president's wife's idea to make it look nicer.

Yahoo / Eater 

Youthful trickery: a deadly weapon in WWII.

CRACKED TWO TEENAGE GIRLS USED THEIR YOUTH TO OUTSMART (AND ASSASSINATE) NAZIS. In WWII, Freddie and Truus Oversteegen, 14 and 16, joined a Dutch resistance group and assassinated Nazis. They used the fact that, well, they were teens, to trick Nazis into the woods and kill them. In 2014, they got the Mobilization War Cross for their service.

Mental Floss 

LAPD mistook a game character for a gunman.

CRACKED THE LAPD ESCALATED AN ENCOUNTER WITH A CARDBOARD CUTOUT. KOREAU In 2013, they raided a game studio after a panic button was pressed by an employee out of curiosity. They showed up and thought a life-sized statue of a game character was a gunman, which led to а, uh, tense standoff.


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