Ah, the joys of eating. From the sweet and savory to the spicy and salty, we all have our favorite dishes that bring us comfort and joy (and, sometimes, heartburn). But did you know that the foods you eat can have an impact on your body, mind, and even your bathroom habits? From beeturia to carotenemia, nutmeg-induced hallucinations to tomato-induced yellow skin, asparagus-induced smelly pee to itchy squash hands, gassy veggies to brain disorders caused by hot peppers, bad breath from dairy, canned tuna, and horseradish, rainbow-colored poop from artificial food coloring, tinnitus from too much salt, green poop from green veggies, MSG-induced headaches, and even stress-relieving vanilla extract, there’s a lot to learn about the foods we eat... and what those foods can do to us on an everyday basis. In this list, we’ll explore the weird and wonderful ways food can affect your body, so read on and enjoy!

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