15 Centuries-Old Companies From Around The World That Are Still In Operation

How old? The youngest company here was founded in 1074!
15 Centuries-Old Companies From Around The World That Are Still In Operation

There are two things we learned while compiling this list. Lesson one; If you want a long-lasting business, get into hospitality, candy, or booze. And Lesson two; Japanese companies can really go the distance. Excluding governments, educational, and religious institutions, there are currently 5,500 companies on Earth that are over 200 years old. 3,146 of those are Japanese. Not to ruin the ending, but the top 5 oldest still-operational companies right now are located in Japan. That’s pretty impressive.

In recently learning this, there’s something funny about clothing companies sporting Est. 1981 on their shirts (lookin’ at you, Guess Jeans). Not to take away from a newer company’s lasting impact — all the best to ‘em — but like, 42 years? Talk to us in 1,445 years. Man, being a know-it-all about something you learned moments ago is fun! Anyway, that’s the kind of numbers we’re working with, so here are 15 of some of the oldest still-operational companies on planet Earth.

When people don’t know an exact date, you know it’s old.

CRACKED THE WORLD'S OLDEST MILL. The first record of the Otterton Mill in Budleigh Salterton, England was in the Domesday book by King William the Conqueror in 1068 AD. They say that it was milling flour long before then. 1000'S AD

Blue Bag Nomads

Capitalizing on tourism has been done for a long time.

CRACKED THE WORLD'S OLDEST CANDY SHOP. Ichimonjiya Wasuke is a Japanese confectionary store that opened in the year 1000 AD to sell sweets to visitors of the Imamiya Shrine. As of December 2020, it is still operated by a 24th-generation descendant. 1000 AD EM 24 1 g 8.2349 с D nes S K

GWR / Zaubee 

We bet they’re a little irked that Ireland’s bar is a tad older.

CRACKED BRITAIN'S OLDEST PUB. The 10th oldest company in the world, The Bingley Arms in Bardsey, England dates back to 953 AD. At the time, England hadn't crowned its first King, and Vikings were conquering parts of the country. 952 AD THE BINGLEY ARMS ... ENTRANCE

Bingley Arms

Don’t worry, we’re sure they’ve changed the menu since 803 AD.

CRACKED THE OLDEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD. Stiftskeller St. Peter in Salzburg, Austria was founded in 803 AD, and claims to have served Christopher Columbus and Mozart. It is the 6th oldest company in the world (and the oldest company not found in Japan). 803 AD

Peter Fisk / Salzburg 

The wedding industry and the death industry share a common ancestor.

CRACKED THE WORLD'S OLDEST PAPER COMPANY. The 5th oldest company is Genda Shigyo, a Japanese ceremonial paper company founded in 771 AD. They specialize in mizuhiki - colorful paper twisted into cords for weddings and funerals. 771 AD 1 474

Peter Fisk / Tofugu 

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