15 Bits Of Trivia About Alan Rickman, Endangered Nuns, And A Phantom Volcano

15 Bits Of Trivia About Alan Rickman, Endangered Nuns, And A Phantom Volcano

Ah, the wonders of the world! So. so much to learn, so much to explore. From the heights of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest oceans, our world is filled with fascinating facts and stories. 

Today, we look to the past and present to bring you a collection of curious tales from around the globe. From MLK Day to Christianity, Joe Jackson to Hans Gruber, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to Hattie McDaniel, the eruption of October 10th 1465 to Michigan's safety from natural disasters, the Hyundai and Kia Motors America whistleblower award to the Boston Strangler, smiling across cultures to kosher salt, cursive writing to Caligula's war on the sea, and Andrew Bedwell's attempt to break a sailing record with Red Bull, we have something for everyone.

So, settle in and get ready for a journey through the strange and unusual. Who knows what you'll learn along the way!

Back to the basics: 14 states require cursive for motor skills development.

CRACKED were LESS THAN HALF OF US STATES MANDATE CURSIVE WRITING. Many schools dropped handwriting and cursive writing when the Common Core State Standards didn't require it, but now 14 states have laws that make teaching cursive writing mandatory. Advocates say it's important for fine motor skills.

American History / Vox 

Rep. Tom Moore commends the Boston Strangler... for his 'kindness'.

CRACKED - paisonge3 - with I SALVARY LAUZIN - A TEXAS STATE REPRESENTATIVE COMMENDED THE BOSTON STRANGLER. In 1971, Rep. Moore pranked the Texas House of Representatives with a resolution praising the Boston Strangler. It said he helped the weak and lonely and was recognized by MA for his techniques with psychology and population control.

Snopes / WBUR 

Nature's atomic bomb: 2.2 million times stronger than man's.

CRACKED THE MISSING VOLCANO. On October 10th, 1465, a huge eruption happened that stumped geologists for years. It was equivalent to 2.2 million atomic bombs, and left sulfuric acid from Antarctica to Greenland (but they can't find the volcano that caused it).


History made, but not in Hollywood Forever.

CRACKED HATTIE MCDANIEL WAS HONORED (AND SHUNNED) BY HOLLYWOOD. Hattie McDaniel made history when she won an Oscar for Gone with the Wind, but wasn't allowed to be buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery because of her race.


An unorthodox parenting style, to say the least.

CRACKED JOE JACKSON'S BIZARRE THREAT. Joe Jackson was dad to music icons The Jackson 5, Michael and Janet. Не fostered their careers, but also was verbally harsh, even threatening to drop them like a hot potato if they stopped singing. Michael never forgot that.


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