Ah, the good ol’ days! When life was simpler, and the only thing you had to worry about was finding a way to keep your windshield clear, brushing your teeth with a twig, using a Farmers’ Almanac page to wipe your butt, dropping frogs in your milk to keep it from going bad, taking a Saturday night bath with your whole family, gargling with pee to prevent cavities, oiling up and wearing scented cloths to bathe, shaving with a clam shell, using bread as an eraser, injecting urine into a mouse to determine pregnancy, using electric shocks from a torpedo fish to treat migraines, using urine to treat leather, drinking alcohol to boost performance, pumping your own gas, and using polyurethane, sponges, cartilage, wood, and glass balls for breast augmentation.

In today’s world, these practices seem downright bizarre, but they were once the norm. Here’s a list of some of the wildest things people used to do before modern technology. Enjoy!

Bathing: Risky business?

Gross and weird things before modern technology BATHING In the 1400s and 1 500s, people thought bathing was bad for you. Those who bathed anyway took extra steps, like oiling up and wearing scented clothes. CRACKED

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