15 Unrealistic Sitcom Behaviors That Wouldn't Fly In Real Life

No one would put up with relentless bullying like Jerry (Sorry… Garry).
15 Unrealistic Sitcom Behaviors That Wouldn't Fly In Real Life

We’d never pick one personality trait and relentlessly display it at the exact same cafe for a decade, but somehow we love watching it. A sitcom is all about that pure escapism, but we gravitate to these characters and their stories like they’re normal. Maybe that’s because they sprinkle in some heartfelt “real” moments once in a while to ground the insanity. Most of the time, they exist in some lawless alternate reality.

At some point, we’ve all looked around at our family or friend group and thought, “Oh my god, we’d make the most hilarious sitcom.” We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… No, you wouldn’t. Your dialogue isn’t painstakingly written in a setup/punchline format, and (hopefully) you wouldn’t just laugh off toxic traits or bullying for a decade. It’s a good thing, trust us. Because you’re real, Pinocchio. If you need further proof that you’re actually a lot better than a typical TV character, here are 15 unrealistic behaviors in sitcoms.

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Most kids aren't parented by their neighbors. CRACKED.COM Steve Urkel and Kimmy Gibbler are constantly at their respective neighbor's house, and learn more life lessons from them than their own parents. Carl even (unsuccessfully) teaches Urkel how to drive.

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You wouldn’t let your friends hang out in your apartment when you’re not there.

Friends don't use your place while you're not home. CRACKED.COM Jerry routinely lets Kramer use his apartment as his own. In the Risk episode, Kramer and Newman play Risk at Jerry's while Jerry leaves saying, Thanks for having me over, guys.

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Adult friends don’t endure toxic traits forever.

They love Carrie, but why?! CRACKED.COM In Sex and the City, Carrie becomes more and more needy with toxic men, and prioritizes them over her adult friends - who put up with it, and continue to coddle and endure her forever.


Most people have to worry about finances.

Money is no object. CRACKED.COM On Ellen, Ellen works at a bookstore... but somehow buys the bookstore, while simultaneously paying rent in L.A.

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Workplace harassment is laughed off.

You can't hit on your boss. CRACKED.COM No one on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (not even Captain Holt) seems phased by Gina's inappropriate advances on Terry - her superior officer.


People usually don’t put up with relentless bullying.

Jerry (Garry) Gergich and Lutz would've quit early on. CRACKED.COM Adult characters like Jonah Ryan on Veep, and Britta Perry on Community are targeted and just stick around. Urkel and Gibbler are constantly told (by adults) how insufferable they are.

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Real people usually meet new friends.

No new friends. CRACKED.COM Groups like Cheers, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and It's Always Sunny stay the same, but acquaintances come and go. When it happens (like Mike on Friends or Randy on That 70's Show) it signifies the end.

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Drugging and blackmailing a colleague isn’t a big deal.

People aren't usually so dastardly. CRACKED.COM On Glee, Sue Sylvester drugged Principal Figgins, then lied that they had sex to blackmail him. She later frames him, takes his job and demotes him to janitor.

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Characters constantly go to the same place.

Switch up the hangout spot! 12 TOM'S - RESTAURANT RESTAURANT CRACKED.COM Sets are expensive, but characters frequent the same spots for years! How many times would you go to Cafe Tropical (Schitt's Creek) or The Griffin (New GirD before trying a new place?

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