7 Biting Satirizations of Modern Monsters (And 7 Utterly Toothless Ones)

Shirtless gay jokes aren’t enough to take down a Russian warmonger.
7 Biting Satirizations of Modern Monsters (And 7 Utterly Toothless Ones)

When we see that a comedian has a pretty decent impression of a total scumbag, we’d like to hope they take that scum down a peg or two. It’s ever so satisfying. We grab the pop corn and settle in for the cutting satirization, and we’re either treated to a hilariously eye-opening take on the douchery, or a watered down, surface level joke about the mark’s hair style, like there's nothing else to talk about.

Parody and satire seem pretty similar. They both have a target, but where parody is a jab at a person’s faults or quirks, satire is an indirect gutting that exposes the monster within. Both are great. There are some top notch parodies here, but for complete psychos like Jeffrey Epstein and Vladimir Putin, we wanted blood! Blood, baby! When it comes to satirizing modern wrongdoers, those and 13 others compile a solid mix of nibbles and toothy gouges.  

Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump - Biting

SATIRIZATIONS of modern monsters It's okay that Alec Baldwin's TRUMP isn't spot on. Baldwin knows his take on Trump isn't great authenticity-wise, but it was meant to be an exaggerated skewering. Не drew a ton of hate from the GOP, and won an Emmy for it in 2017. BITING CRACKED



Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin - Toothless

SATIRIZATIONS of modern monsters SNL Beck Bennett is a shirtless VLADIMIR PUTIN. The standout quality in Bennett's Putin impression is that he's shirtless, and countless Trump and Putin as lovers were tiresome and actually pretty homophobic. TOOTHLESS CRACKED


The Daily Beast

Margaret Cho as Kim Jong-Il - Toothless

SATIRIZATIONS of modern monsters 30 Rock Margaret Cho was hilarious (but harmless) as KIM JONG-IL. Cho said she couldn't study his voice or mannerisms, since there's barely any video of the Supreme Leader. Her very funny take mostly says how great things are in North Korea. TOOTHLESS CRACKED



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