15 Bonkers Facts About The Favorite Orville Brother, Birds Who BBQ, And George Washington’s Disgusting Final Moments

15 Bonkers Facts About The Favorite Orville Brother, Birds Who BBQ, And George Washington’s Disgusting Final Moments

Have you ever wondered what secrets the world holds? From the ingenious mind of Andre Agassi to the graciousness of General Washington, the world is full of fascinating facts. Today, we’re unlocking 15 of the most exciting facts we didn’t know about the world around us. 

We’ll explore how Agassi outsmarted Boris Becker with a secret trick revealed over beer at Oktoberfest, the graciousness of General Washington in his last moments, and the switch from PVDC to LDPE in cling wrap. We’ll also learn about the Wright brothers’ flight of fame with their 82-year-old father, the Norwegian salmon executive who revolutionized sushi, and the 87-year-long Pitch Drop experiment. 

We’ll also discover the story of Mongolian Princess Khutulun, Viktor Belenko’s pursuit of freedom, the distance soccer players run in the World Cup, the 2014 Nobel Prize winners’ invention of LED lights, and the surprising intelligence of cows. We’ll also learn how Dolly Parton found strength in her faith and a four-legged friend, and the viral phenomenon of raptors BBQ-ing their food with fire.

Raptors go viral for their fire-foraging BBQs.

CRACKED RAPTORS ARE LITERALLY BBQ-ING THEIR FOOD WITH FIRE. Australian birds of prey have been observed intentionally spreading bushfires to smoke out their victims and barbecue their food, a behavior known as fire-foraging raptors. Accounts of this phenomenon from Aboriginal people date back hundreds of years.


Nobel Prize awarded to inventors of energy-efficient LEDs.

CRACKED THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT WITH THE 2014 NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS' INVENTION: LED LIGHTS. The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura for their invention of the energy-efficient blue light-emitting diode (LED). Their inventions have revolutionized lighting technology with long lasting, efficient alternatives to traditional bulbs.

Nobel / Us Magazine 

World Cup players go the extra mile...literally.

CRACKED SOCCER STARS: MILES AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION. 3 10 Soccer players in the World Cup run an estimated 7 miles per game, while athletes in other sports such as baseball and football have much lower distances traveled.

Runners World / Yahoo 

Mongolian Princess Khutulun: 10,000 Horses and One Unconventional Love Story.

CRACKED WRESTLE A PRINCESS FOR 10,000 HORSES? SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD DEAL! Khutulun was a 13th century Mongolian princess who refused to marry unless the prospective husband could beat her in wrestling, and is said to have amassed 10,000 horses from her victories. Modern female MMA fighters pay tribute to Khutulun with their clothing and actions.


See 87 years of patience pay off in the 2020s with drop number 10!

CRACKED THE PITCH DROP EXPERIMENT HAS BEEN STAGNANT FOR 87 YEARS. The Pitch Drop experiment, created by Thomas Parnell in 1927 to demonstrate the fluidity of pitch at room temperature, has been running for 87 years, and only nine drops have fallen so far. It is expected that the next drop will fall sometime in the 2020s.


A friendship forged in film, tested by... a kidnapping?

CRACKED JAMES CAMERON RESCUED GUILLERMO DEL TORO'S DAD FROM A KIDNAPPER. Del Toro and Cameron have been friends since 1993, when Cameron helped Del Toro with his feature film debut Cronos. Years later, Del Toro's father was kidnapped - and it was only thanks to Cameron that he could pay the ransom money.


From Norway to Japan: One executive's daring mission to make salmon sushi popular worldwide.

CRACKED SALMON SUSHI WAS A NORWEGIAN'S IDEA. Salmon sushi wasn't popular in Japan, until a Norwegian salmon industry executive convinced Japanese companies to sell it as sushi. Through ads (and persistence), he eventually succeeded, leading to the global popularity of salmon sushi today.

NPR / Wikipedia 

The Wright brothers took dad on an unforgettable flight.

CRACKED ORVILLE WRIGHT WAS OBVIOUSLY DAD'S FAVORITE WRIGHT BROTHER. The Wright brothers made history on May 25, 1910 when Orville flew for six minutes, with Wilbur as his passenger. Later that day, he also took their 82-year-old father out for the first and only flight of his life.


Say goodbye to clinginess, say hello to health and safety.

CRACKED CLING WRAP: MORE CLINGY = MORE CANCER Some cling wrap brands switched their formulas from cancer-causing PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride), to LDPE (low-density polyethylene). This change in formula reduced clinginess, but also reduced carcinogens, so... it's a draw.


Even in his final moments, Washington remained the consummate gentleman.

CRACKED ON HIS DEATHBED, GEORGE WASHINGTON THANKED THE DOCTORS WHO MAYBE KILLED HIM. General Washington was a remarkable man who, even in his last moments of life, took the time to thank each and every doctor personally for their care. That care included: enemas, induced vomiting, Spanish fly bites, and excessive bloodletting, which some historians believe is what ultimately killed him.

PBS / Wikipedia 

Agassi's Oktoberfest revelation left Becker speechless.

CRACKED ANDRE AGASSI FIGURED OUT BORIS BECKER'S SECRET TRICK. Rlactiv FILA Andre Agassi realized that Boris Becker was tipping his serves with a small tick, and after some film study he used this knowledge to win eight straight matches against him. Не later revealed the trick over beer at Oktoberfest, leaving Becker astonished by how Agassi could read him.


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