15 People Whose Names Could Not Be Any More On The Nose

Fromage to Freeze: 15 extraordinary people and their remarkable stories.
15 People Whose Names Could Not Be Any More On The Nose

We've all heard of the saying "What's in a name?" Well, it turns out that sometimes, a name can be incredibly appropriate. From Tito Beveridge, founder of Tito's Handmade Vodka, to Amy Freeze, a five-time Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, this list of 15 extraordinary people and their remarkable stories will astound you. 

From Doug Bowser taking over as Nintendo of America's president, to Sue Yoo, an attorney extraordinaire, to Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth, to Thomas Crapper, whose name is synonymous with toilets, to William Wordsworth, master of spiritual musings and mind-bending poetry, to Walter Russell Brain, a historian-turned-renowned neurologist, to Scott Speed, one driver, multiple disciplines, world-class results, to Bruno Fromage, Danone Dairy's managing director, to Rem Koolhaas, master of design, from Qatar to Seattle and beyond, to Larry Speakes, former White House spokesman, to Frances Crook, prison reformer extraordinaire, to Marion Moon, Buzz Aldrin's mom, to Igor Judge, from humble beginnings to Lord Chief Justice, and finally to Amy Freeze, Emmy-winning, AMS Certified and National Weather Association approved, these 15 astoundingly appropriate names might leave you in awe.

Marion Moon - Buzz Aldrin's mom

CRACKED MARION MOON BUZZ ALDRIN'S MOM Buzz Aldrin was born to explore the Moon. Не joked during an interview with The New York Times about how his mother's maiden name may have given him a special advantage when he applied for NASA.


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