15 Predictions That Prove Pop Culture Can See the Future

From ‘Star Trek’ to ‘House of Cards’: 15 predictions that came true.
15 Predictions That Prove Pop Culture Can See the Future

Pop culture has always been a source of entertainment, but it can also be surprisingly prophetic. From Star Trek to House of Cards, the creators behind these works have managed to accurately predict some major events and technological advancements that would come true in our future. 

This list looks at 15 predictions from pop culture sources that came true - sometimes eerily so! We’ll explore how Back To The Future Part II predicted video calls and devices instead of cash; Entourage’s Aquaman movie starring Vinny Chase (and Mandy Moore); Arrested Development predicting Donald Trump’s wall; Christopher Reeve researching spinal cord trauma for his last film Above Suspicion before his accident; Quadrotriticale grain used as an agrarian colony on Star Trek ("The Trouble with Tribbles"); Spooks’ writers correctly predicting real-life events like 7/7 bombings or global financial crisis years ahead their time; Super Mario Bros.’ dramatic battle destroying World Trade Center towers long before 9/11 happened... And many more examples showing us just how powerful pop culture is when it comes to seeing into the future!

'Back to the Future Part II'

The future is now-Marty McFly predicted it all. Needles, Douglas J. Age: 47 Birthday: August 6 1968 Back to the Future Part II Citizens are shown using screens for video calls and devices instead of cash in a way that is similar to modern day technology. CRACKED

Universal Pictures


'Minority Report'

Minority Report Targeted advertising. Advertisers are spending more money on advertising, but only half of the targeted market can remember the message and the other half want to forget it. The answer may lie in immersive direct targeting, such as the scene from Minority Report where a billboard calls out to Tom Cruise's character. CRACKED

20th Century Studios


'The Net'

Identity theft: a reality foretold in 1995. The Net ROATE WEAR Sandra Bullock stars as Angela Bennett, whose life is put in danger when she discovers a strange glitch in a computer game. The movie follows Angela as she is subjected to identity theft and attempts to clear her name, while exploring how vulnerable people can be to surveillance through computers. CRACKED

Columbia Pictures


'The Cable Guy'

The dark power of the internet. The Cable Guy The Cable Guy is a dark comedy about pop culture obsession and toxic friendships, with Jim Carrey playing a rubber-faced fartsmith who foreshadows the power of the internet and its possibilities. CRACKED

Columbia Pictures

The Spool

'2001: A Space Odyssey'

The Picturephone predicts 1980s payphones. 2001: A Space Odyssey The Picturephone is a payphone with a Bell System logo and a push-button layout. To use it, one inserts a credit card, which had been developed in 1960 but was not widely used until the 1980s. CRACKED



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