Inside you, there are two wolves, and one of those wolves is an absolute mess. One of them wants to be a useful, clean, productive member of society, but the other wants to wallow in its own filth all day, playing video games and scratching its butt. It’s basically Freud, but with a zoological bent. We’re programmed to be tempted by our base urges, from poking at our own genitals to housing cheeseburgers like we live in a comic strip.

But what if we told you you should give in to some of those urges? Not the cheeseburger thing -- there’s a pretty straight line from there to the cardiovascular intensive care unit. But lying around in your unmade bed, scrolling through your social media feed of choice until it’s time to chug enough coffee to kill a lesser being so you can get shit done at the last possible minute? It turns out all of that can be good for you, so suck it, Mom.

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