Welcome to our list of facts that will make you say, "Gross!" From the unsanitary ways we dry our hands to the bacteria-ridden cash we use every day, these facts are sure to gross you out. But don’t worry, there’s a silver lining: knowing about all the disgusting things we do on a daily basis might just motivate you to be more clean and sanitary!

We’re a nation of dirty, germ-spreaders and there’s nothing much we want to do about it. From the traditional (yet gross) apple-bobbing to sharing headphones covered in bacteria, we just love getting ourselves and others sick. And what’s our reasoning? "It’s tradition," or "I didn’t know!" But really, we should all know better by now.

So next time you’re considering eating food off the ground or lending out your headphones, think twice! It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but you could be dealing with some nasty consequences later on.

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