A deepfake is a fake video that uses artificial intelligence to make it look like someone said or did something they didn't. Deepfakes can be used for things like porn, spoofs, and satire, but they can also be used maliciously to spread false information. While deepfakes kinda started out as harmless fun, there is potential for them to be misused in the future.

Cloned dogs have been employed by the Korea Customs Service to work at customs checkpoints across the country! These genetically duplicated Labs were part of a litter of seven born in 2007, created by Seoul National University scientists. The team who cloned these had successfully created the world's first known dog clone in 2005.

In Shanghai, robots are being employed during the Covid-19 lockdown telling people over loudspeakers to stay inside and wash their hands regularly. There are also self-driving carts which bring food orders from restaurants straight to people's doorsteps so that no one has to leave quarantine.

Harmony is a sex robot that can be customized to look and act however you want.

Real-Life Dystopian Tropes BESPOKE SEX ANDROIDS Harmony is a sex robot designed to be customizable via an accompanying app. It first debuted at CES, and has been updated with a new face, Al improvements, and the ability for users to control remotely. There are also plans for different gender variations in the future. CRACKED



China rates its citizens with a “social credit score” to encourage good behavior, and the baddies get punished with things like travel bans and slow internet.

Real-Life Dystopian Tropes SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES The social credit system is a moral ranking system that the Chinese Communist Party has been constructing for years to monitor the behavior of its enormous population. Punishments for bad behavior include travel bans and slow internet speeds. CRACKED

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Soylent is a protein shake that was introduced in 2013 as an alternative to food.

Real-Life Dystopian Tropes FOOD ALTERNATIVES When Soylent was first introduced in 2013, its value proposition of being a protein shake that replaced food altogether seemed shocking. Eight years later, it was on track for $100 million in sales and available Ready-to-drink meal in 30,000 U.S retail stores. Mint Chocolate Naturally flavored soylent 20g plant protein 39 essential nutrients' CRACKED


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The iPhone XS's facial recognition software is a stepping stone to more complex AI foundations that will be implemented across the infrastructure of "smart cities."

Real-Life Dystopian Tropes FACIAL RECOGNITION IN SMART CITIES The iPhone XS's facial recognition software is seen as a stepping stone to more complex Al that will be implemented across the infrastructure of smart cities. There is concern that there is potential for abuse by police forces and targeted advertising by retailers. CRACKED



Pixar's 2008 film WALL-E predicted our current reality of obesity rates, Zoom calls, and meal replacement companies.

Real-Life Dystopian Tropes WALL-E CALLED IT. In 2008, Pixar released the movie WALL-E which depicted a future Earth that was uninhabitable due to climate change. There are many eerie similarities between the film and our current reality including obesity rates, Zoom calls, and meal replacement companies. WALI CRACKED



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