It’s no secret that stand up comedy is the hardest, most terrifying performance art on the planet. Seasoned veterans have their fair share of tense moments, and downright horror stories of complete disasters on stage. So why would a complete rookie think they could just stroll onto a stage with a few “funny” things on their mind, and think they can get a room of strangers howling? The answer is plain and simple… Ego. Pure ego. 

They’ve achieved success in their chosen field, and thought, “Hey, if I can play guitar, I can clearly make people laugh too! All my yes-man friends think everything I say is hilarious.” The problem, as we all know, is that those two artforms have nothing to do with each other. That’s like saying, “I’m a solid dentist, so maybe tonight I’ll bring my aerospace engineering ideas to their conference and show ’em all what’s what!” Some of these celebrity stand-ups were a one and done, but others actually made a solid stab at it. For better or for worse, here are 15 celebrities who yucked around and found out.

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