15 Comedians’ Favorite Episodes of Their Shows

Nick Offerman's favorite? To get wild with his wife.
15 Comedians’ Favorite Episodes of Their Shows

What’s a great comedy show without a long list of great episodes? Episodes that remain in syndication for years because we just can’t get enough. We’ll latch on to a fellow comedy fan, and borderline harass them with our favorite episodes, because start to finish, they were just gold, Jerry. Gold. We’ll probably go on to regurgitate every golden line word for word, then make sure to rewatch them every so often to keep them embedded for a lifetime, ready to spew at a moment’s notice. 

We all have our favorites, but what was Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite? And what was Matthew Perry’s favorite episode of Friends? There’s a couple freebies for ya. You’re welcome. We also wanted to relay a very personal (and clearly traumatic) moment from Bill Burr on F is For Family, and we got a little too excited to share which “crazy animalistic bestial love act” was Nick Offerman’s favorite on Parks and Rec. Here are these and 13 other comedians took a look back at their favorite episodes of their shows. 

Jerry Seinfeld - 'Seinfeld'

Jerry Seinfeld pinpoints the moment the show broke through. Seinfeld Season 7, Episode 11 The Rye is Seinfeld's personal favorite, because it was the first moment that he felt he was making a real TV show, and it finally started resonating with a wider audience. CRACKED



Nick Offerman - 'Parks and Recreation'

Parks and Recreation Nick Offerman loved getting animalistic with his wife. Season 2, Episode 8, aptly titled Ron and Tammy, is Offerman's most memorable because of the crazy animalistic bestial love act with Tammy (played by his wife, Megan Mullally). CRACKED



Jim Parsons - 'The Big Bang Theory'

Jim Parsons had a dream come true. The Big Bang Theory There were many things that Parsons loved about Season l's The Luminous Fish Effect, but he called meeting and working with Laurie Metcalf a dream come true. CRACKED



Rob McElhenney - 'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Rob McElhenney loved his wife's commitment. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia In Season 4's Who Pooped the Bed, McElhenney's now-wife Kaitlin Olson actually rammed her head into a car door. (The car was a rental, and not meant to be returned with a head-sized dent.) CRACKED



Dave Chappelle - 'Chappelle’s Show'

Dave Chappelle's favorite sketch isn't one you'd expect. Chappelle's Show Chappelle revealed that Season 1, Episode 9's The Playa Hater's Ball was the most fun he's ever had on a sketch. CRACKED

Comedy Central


Terry Crews - 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Terry Crews chooses a beautiful moment. Brooklyn Nine-Nine RODY Out of 153 episodes, Crews cites Season 1, Episode 14 The Ebony Falcon as his favorite. It's all about my character moving past my trauma and gettin back into fieldwork. It was beautiful. CRACKED



Tim Allen - 'Assembly Required'

Tim Allen's favorite show is a complete surprise. Bu Assembly Required Allen called his latest show Assembly Required his new favorite show. Не reunited with Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn to judge competitors' outlandish building projects. CRACKED

History Channel


Alison Brie - 'Community '

Alison Brie loves a dark character study. Community DRIVER LICENSE PS TEXAS DPS DL 974628208 EXPIRES 11 . ROVE ROLINE DECKER 67 MOONFISH LANE PUB CHRISTL TX 78418 HAIR BRN EYES BRN WT: 115 CLASS с 1-4-1907 noline Dacke Season 2's Mixology Certification is Brie's favorite episode. She told Variety, Troy's birthday was one of our darkest episodes, but it's some of our most real moments with the characters. I was so impressed with everyone's work. CRACKED



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