15 Of The Coolest, Oddest, And Most Terrifying Things Being Unearthed By Global Warming

15 Of The Coolest, Oddest, And Most Terrifying Things Being Unearthed By Global Warming

Is the world ending? Maybe, if you look at some of these spooky facts. For example, did you know that Lake Mead has been slowly drying up since 1937, and recent years have seen it reach its lowest water levels ever? This means that human skeletal remains are now visible in and around the area. If that's not enough to send a chill down your spine, how about this: thanks to the severe drought sweeping across America's Midwest, the water level in the Mississippi River has dropped so low that people can now walk to Tower Rock—an island typically only accessible by boat. And as if all of that wasn't enough evidence of an impending apocalypse, climate change is also causing the geographic North Pole to migrate eastwards towards continental Europe at an annual rate of 10 centimeters (4 inches). So maybe we kind of really should all start stocking up on supplies and building bunkers.

Investigators uncover ferry that sank in Mississippi River while river is at record low.

CRACKED With the Mississippi River at record lows, investigators are unearthing some hidden mysteries. One of these is a ferry that sank in the river sometime during the late 1800s to early 1900s and has recently emerged in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


The drought in Spain has given rise to some interesting new tourist attractions.

CRACKED Due to a severe drought, water levels in reservoirs across Spain are at an all time low. This has revealed the long-hidden ruins of 11th century churches and prehistoric stone circles, which have become popular tourist destinations.

France24 / The Guardian 

Drought unearths new 113-million-year old tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

CRACKED The river at Dinosaur Valley State Park dried up due to a severe drought, uncovering new tracks that had been buried under layers of sediment. The park is located southwest of Dallas and the majority of the tracks date back 113 million years.


A bomb from WWII was recently revealed in Italy due to an extreme drought.

CRACKED A WWII bomb was revealed due to an extreme drought in Italy. The device, which Italian military officials said contained 240kg (530lb) of explosive, was discovered near the Lombardy village of Borgo Virgilio in July and 3,000 nearby residents were evacuated so that bomb disposal experts could safely carry out a controlled explosion on Sunday.


A long-lost city has been revealed due to climate change.

CRACKED Climate change is unearthing a long-lost city in the Middle East that has been underwater for decades. The ancient metropolis was revealed when a severe drought forced officials to lower the water levels of the Mosul reservoir in order to save local crops. Researchers believe the ruins are those of Zakhiku, an important center in the Bronze Age's Mittani Empire between 1550 and 1350 BC.

Study Finds  

Archaeologists are finding perfectly preserved ancient relics hidden in melting glaciers, like a horse found two thousand meters up in a Norwegian mountain.

CRACKED As the climate warms and glaciers melt, archeologists are finding perfectly preserved ancient relics that had been hidden in the ice. One recent discovery is the remains of an iron age horse found two thousand meters up in a Norwegian mountain - one of the first times such an animal has been found at such altitude. The find shows that horses were used for transport in high alpine zones much earlier than previously thought.

The Local  

A group of researchers found an old forest that was frozen in a glacier.

CRACKED Researchers have found an ancient forest that was encased in a glacier 1,000 years ago and is only now being exposed as the glacier melts. The team plans to return to the site to learn more about the conditions of the environment at that time.

Live Science  

Arrow from Early Viking Age found intact in melting ice.

CRACKED As climate change melts ice around the globe, archaeologists are finding ancient artifacts that have been frozen for thousands of years. Bergani . Their latest find: an intact arrow used in the Early Viking Age some 1,500 years ago.


As the Earth's glaciers melt, ancient artifacts are being uncovered.

CRACKED As the Earth's glaciers melt at an alarming rate, ancient artifacts are being uncovered. The Secrets of the Ice project has been surveying the glaciers on Norway's highest mountains in Oppland since 2011 and has found a slew of treasures frozen in time and ice. Almost 3,000 archeological artifacts have been found in Oppland, including wooden skis dating back to circa 700 and Viking swords.


Unprecedented glacier melt in the Alps leaves bare rock exposed for first time in 2000 years.

CRACKED The glaciers in the Alps are melting at an unprecedented rate, due to a combination of heatwaves and lack of snowfall. This has caused bare rock to be exposed for the first time in 2000 years.

Euro News  

Global warming is exposing mummified soldiers and long-ago sacrificed children.

CRACKED As glaciers around the world melt due to global warming, they are giving up bodies that have been frozen in time. In Italy, the Presena glacier is melting and exposing the artifacts and mummified remains of soldiers from World War I. On the other side of the world, in Argentina, Incan children who were sacrificed hundreds of years ago are being revealed by thawing glaciers.

Smithsonian Mag  

Now you can walk to Tower Rock in the Mississippi River, thanks to the severe drought and record-low water levels.

CRACKED The water level in the Mississippi River has dropped so low that people can now walk to Tower Rock, a massive island typically surrounded by water and only accessible by boat. The severe drought spreading across the Midwest is causing river levels to drop to record lows.


Some spooky stuff going on at Lake Mead!

CRACKED Since 1937, Lake Mead has been slowly drying up, revealing human skeletal remains in and around the area. Recently, the water level dropped to its lowest point since the reservoir was created in 1936, exposing even more remains.


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