16 of The Best Bugs In Popular Culture

We've been bitten by the bug of love for bugs.
16 of The Best Bugs In Popular Culture

They’re creepy, crawly, icky, sticky, and odd. They’re bugs and they’re weird. Bugs are very unique compared to other animals, given their distinct looks and the fact that not many other types of creatures rock a skeleton that operates outside of their body (for some, at least). They have become great fodder for various pop culture characters.

For whatever reason, we have a ton of different characters in television, film, cartoons, video games, and comics that are insectoid or arachnid in nature, whether it is inspirational, a mutated human-bug person, or just a bug who can talk. We imprint personalities onto bugs to create such unique characters, some of which are cooler than others.

But you didn’t click on here to listen to us pontificate about bugs and mankind. You came here to see our Pictofact list of some of the best bugs and bug-like characters throughout the history of popular culture. So here it is.

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