From 'Rocky' to 'Creed III:' The Rocky Franchise Then & Now

Still rocking decades later.
From 'Rocky' to 'Creed III:' The Rocky Franchise Then & Now

Alright, we’re gonna be talking about Rocky today, so get it out of the way and just play “Eye of the Tiger” in the background. Also, here’s Team America’sMontage” song, because we’re already doing this. Also, the trailer for Creed III just came out, and honestly, it looks amazing. Creed II was a solid sequel, and we really don’t appreciate enough the fact it took one of the sillier entries in the series and gave it a whole new depth. Okay, we might be exaggerating, but not by that much.

Indeed, Creed II took Rocky IV seriously, and if the result wasn’t as good as the 2015 original, it does give us hope that the third film can live up to it. Still, it all started with Stallone’s 1975 idea, the 1976 movie that would become an instant and iconic classic, and the sequels that would mostly rock. Mostly. Yes, we are bashing Rocky V, don’t you worry. In this Pictofact, then, we take a look at the entire Rocky-verse: the films, the characters, the stories, the Stalloness of it all. Oh, and when you’re done, go watch the Rocky Balboa speech scene for the 13th time. As we said, we’re already doing this.

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