20 Bonkers Facts About Nikola Tesla, Steven Spielberg, And Octopi's Revenge

Spielberg’s first movie made one dollar.
20 Bonkers Facts About Nikola Tesla, Steven Spielberg, And Octopi's Revenge

Is beer worth rioting over? For the students of Ghent, Belgium in 1949, the answer was a resounding yes. The Battle of Gravensteen Castle is now commemorated every year as one of the greatest student pranks in history. It all started when angry students stormed the castle walls, pelting police with fruit to protest a new tax on beer. And switching to jazz for a moment, Billy Tipton had an illustrious jazz career that spanned decades. There's just one thing nobody knew: Billy Tipton was actually a woman who lived as a man for 53 years. He kept everyone he knew in the dark – even getting married 5 times (and having sex with at least two wives) before his death finally revealed his true identity. And for our third fact, we turn to Adolfo Constanzo, who wasn't your average serial killer; he also happened to be a drug dealer and self-proclaimed “dark wizard.” His spell ingredients of choice? The organs from his victims, which he used in rituals. As leader of his own gang/cult known as The Narcosatanists, Adolfo Constanzo was a special kind of monster even in the world of Mexican drug cartels.

Some European cities have self washing public toilets.

Many major cities in Europe offer 'Sanisettes': private, self-contained, self-cleaning, public bathrooms. TOILETTES OTSERI ... OTION ... ARE CAN - AUTHAR After the user has exit- ed, a wash cycle be- gins and the entire floor and toilet fixture are automatically sprayed, scrubbed and disinfected. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

BBC / Wikipedia

The Ferengi were too funny looking to be the new Klingons.

The Ferengi were supposed to replace Klingons as the new Star Trek villains, but they were too goofy looking. After their debut episode in Star Trek: The Next Genera- tion, they were rewritten to subsequently be comic foils due to producers finding their appearance comical and non-threatening. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

CBR / YouTube

A teenager died from too much butane and propane in his blood thanks to canned deodorant.

A 16-year-old died in 1998 from using too much aerosol deodorant. Old Spice FRESH BODY SPRAY Jonathan Capewell died from a heart attack brought on by the buildup of butane and propane in the blood. Не had 0.37 mg of butane and propane per liter in his blood, whereas only 0.1 mg can be fatal. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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In the 1930s, bridge construction projects expected one fatality for every $1 million in cost.

In the 1930s, bridge construction projects expected one fatality for every $1 million in cost. The Chief Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge enact- ed the most stringent safe- ty measures in history. Не even formulated diets to help fight dizziness and sauerkraut juice cures for hangovers. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Fix Fast USA / Wikipedia

A chemical weapon will give a person hallucinations for days.

BZ is a chemical weapon that's also a super hallucinogen that overwhelms the victim for 5 days. After 12 hours of a mild coma and primitive crawling and spasms, for another 48 - 60 hours they experience extreme hallucinations, psy- chosis, and cognitive impair- ment, with after-effects that last for weeks. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Erowid / Pexels

Ben Stein never had to use his own money on “Win Ben Stein’s Money.”

In the game show Win Ben Stein's Money, money won by contestants was actually paid by the producers. Money left over at the end of a season was given to Stein. If the total amount paid out exceeded that budget, the production company paid the excess. Ben Stein was never in any danger of losing his money. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

IMDB / Wikipedia

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