20 Marvel and DC Character Pairs That Would Make Perfect Frenemies

"Who would win in a fight?" is a tired question. What we're asking is, who would have a friction-heavy friendship with who?
20 Marvel and DC Character Pairs That Would Make Perfect Frenemies

Marvel and DC. They’ve long been the top dogs in superhero comics, the saviors of Hollywood, and the curse of Hollywood all at the same time. Over the years and several comic titles, both companies have a nearly limitless pantheon of characters to choose from. There have been times in which both worlds collided for interpromotional battles, but that seems to be in the past.

Comic fans often have fantasy match-ups and death matches featuring characters from either publisher, debating who would win in a one-on-one battle. But, the question today isn’t, “Who would win in a fight?” but “who would be friends with who?” Most of the time, these comic characters initially fight before becoming friends or begrudging allies, so the question should really be “Which DC character would be a frenemy with this Marvel character?” or vice-versa.

There is only one way to figure this totally objective question out: a Pictofact listicle. Here are some pairings of Marvel and DC characters that would make interesting compatible-yet-competitive relationships.

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