16 Movies with Important Briefcases, Suitcases, and Bags

16 Movies with Important Briefcases, Suitcases, and Bags

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Luggage has been around ever since mankind decided, “I want to take this stuff here and put it over there.” We have created bags, bindles, backpacks, suitcases, briefcases, saddlebags, attachés, sacks, satchels, totes, and more to fulfill this need. But it’s not just the bag that’s important, but the item or items within that make it significant.

That’s why in several movies there are plots that involve obtaining, stealing, or capturing a bag/briefcase/suitcase with an important MacGuffin or money inside. It’s a cliché now, but it’s effective. The tension of two or more characters struggling to keep the case or use its contents for their personal gain provides quality entertainment and storytelling. Sometimes the contents aren’t just a goal, but a weapon for a character to use. Or the briefcase is a weapon itself!

Here’s a list of movies that contain important plot points or scenes featuring a briefcase, bag, or other such carryable container.

The Big Lebowski

Movie Briefcases The Big Lebowski Walter Sobchak switching a case full of ransom money with a case full of his unwashed undies creates high comedy and high tension in this modern classic. CRACKED.COM

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