19 Facts About What’s Streaming On Prime Video in October

19 Facts About What’s Streaming On Prime Video in October

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October is in full force, and there are several fall treats you can enjoy enjoy. For example, you can enjoy some apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. You can enjoy some fresh apple pie or pumpkin pie. You can enjoy some apple crisps or pumpkin cookies. Or you can enjoy something that doesn’t have any apples or pumpkins involved in the recipe.

Regardless of what fall treats fit your palate, there are several movies on Prime Video that you can enjoy while you refresh yourself with autumn goodies. Seriously, the streaming service has tons to choose from already, but has yet piled on some more movies for you to indulge in while you feel your body grow fat for the upcoming winter months. Unless you snack on your pumpkin/apple/whatever treats in moderation.

Here are some facts about the various movies that are being added to Amazon Prime Video this cool, crisp month.

Shutter Island

October on prime video October 1 Shutter Island Mark Ruffalo got the role of Chuck Aule by sending a fan letter to Martin Scorsese, telling him that he'd love to work with him someday. CRACKED.COM

Paramount Pictures

Screen Rant


October on prime video October 1 Seabiscuit Tobey McGuire is one inch taller than the real Red Pollard, Seabiscuit's jockey. CRACKED.COM

Universal Pictures, DreamWorks SKG


Zack and Miri Make a Porno

October on prime video Zack and Miri October 1 Make a Porno Kevin Smith avoided an NC-17 rating by not showing overt thrusting in the sex scenes, and cutting parts of the *ahem* poop scene. CRACKED.COM

The Weinstein Company, View Askew Productions


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

October on prime video October 1 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Nine Inch Nails frontman and Oscar winner Trent Reznor was offered a role and scoring the movie, but publicly declined. CRACKED.COM

20th Century Studios


Edward Scissorhands

October on prime video October 1 Edward Scissorhands The production crew took over an entire freshly- built neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, so they had full access to the homes and yards. CRACKED.COM

20th Century Studios


The Dictator

October on prime video TOSHIBA TDK CHEVROLET October 1 The Dictator Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as the character for the 2012 Academy Awards, and dumped an urn containing the ashes of Kim Jong-ll on Ryan Seacrest. Не was escorted out by security. CRACKED.COM

Paramount Pictures


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

October on prime video The Curious Case of Benjamin October 1 Button Before Brad Pitt got involved, Tom Cruise was originally pursued to play the title character. CRACKED.COM

Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures


A.I. Artificial Intelligence

October on prime video October 1 A.I. Artificial Intelligence Stanley Kubrick always wanted Stephen Spielberg to direct it. Не apparently said it would be a Stanley Kubrick production of a Steven Spielberg film. CRACKED.COM

Warner Bros. Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures


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