20 Flaky Facts That Really Picked Our Scabs

English may be known as the universal language, but did you know that it's the only one to capitalize the personal pronoun ‘I’?
20 Flaky Facts That Really Picked Our Scabs

English may be known as the universal language, but did you know that it's the only one to capitalize the personal pronoun ‘I’? There were no official rules for the capitalization until 1700s anyway. The lowercase ‘i’ was difficult to read back then so writers started making it more clear by using capitals. Speaking of history, did you hear about the time when a famous medieval Spanish warlord was posthumously sent into battle? El Cid's corpse was embalmed and fitted with armor before being placed on his horse during Valencia's siege. Talk about boosting troops' morale! Thanks to him, they won a charge against their attackers. In France, supermarket chains are not allowed to throw away unsold food anymore; they have to donate them instead to charities or food banks. With this new law came millions of free meals per year for those struggling financially. Who knows – maybe other countries will follow France's lead soon enough! 

Saccharin was discovered when a researcher tasted something sweet on his fingers.

The artificial sweetener saccharin was discovered accidentally by a researcher not washing his hands. qual equal sweetener same O calorie Sweet'N Low* U rition Facts ul sweetener as - WATER Omo calorie sweeten charin - / I I I I . nat 2 acts - i I I N.3aams Low* I . saccharin O calorie sweetener equal calorie sweetener same sweetener's Sweet'N Low* saccharin e arin equal equa saccharin IN Low a - DE a CA saccharin equal 0 calorie harin equal - as the MTH zweetener* أو Sweet'N Low tans Saudix Lown - BLUES Twent Nutrition SPAR Facts I -


Benedict Arnold has an unnamed monument in NY.

There is a monument to General Benedict Arnold's injured foot in New York. GRAGKED.COM The Boot Monument is the only war memorial in the U.S. that doesn't name its honoree because of Ar- nold's offenses, but it does commemorate his contri- butions to our victory over the British.


Ball’s Pyramid is taller than it is wide.

In the sea between Australia and New Zealand, there's an island taller than it is wide. CRACKED.COM Ball's Pyramid is 562 me- ters (1,844 ft) high, while measuring 1,100 meters (3,609 ft) in length and only 300 meters (984 ft) across, making it the tallest volcanic stack in the world.


One man survived two atomic bombs.

A Japanese man survived two atomic bombs and lived to be 93. CRACKED.COM Tsutomu Yamaguchi sur- vived the atomic blast at Hi- roshima, dragged himself to an air-raid shelter, and took a train to his job in Nagasa- ki, where he survived anoth- er atomic blast.


The largest Chinese restaurant in the world goes through 700 chickens a week.

The West Lake restaurant in the Hunan province of China serves 200 snakes a week. CRACKED COM With 300 chefs and enough space to seat 5,000 people, this is the largest Chinese restau- rant in the world. They also go through 700 chickens every week.

NY Times

Australia had a Rum Rebellion.

One of the currencies in early colonial Australia was Rum. GETV BLENDED VX MELANCE ALAMAN DOMAINE APPLETON ESTATE SINCE-DEPUIS 1749 - 47kcal RHUM JAMA PRODUCT CRACKED.COM New South Wales Corps of- ficers bought up all the im- ported rum and estab- lished a monopoly on its trade. It resulted in Austra- lia's first and only military coup. It would later be called the Rum Rebellion.

AU News

The B-2 bomber will reboot in the event of an atomic bomb.

The USAF B-2 Spirit stealth bomber shuts down when it detects an atomic blast. CRACKED COM Shutting down is the only way to avoid an electro- magnetic pulse that would fry its components. The aircraft counters lightning by protecting its electrical components from over-amperage.

Air Force

Michael Jordan had to pay a fine for wearing Air Jordans during games.

Nike paid the NBA a fine every time Michael Jordan wore their shoes. GRACKED.COM The NBA banned Michael Jordan from wearing Air Jordans because the col- ors didn't match his uni- form. Nike paid $5000 for each game so he would continue wearing them.


There are poop pills for gut infections.

Scientists developed pills of poop bacteria for cheaper fecal implants. GRACKED.COM These are capsules that contain only bacteria from donors' poop which are used to treat gut infec- tions. They have no scent, taste and are as effective as traditional fecal trans- plants.


Robert Pattinson is afraid of horses, but not elephants.

Robert Pattinson is deathly afraid of horses. GRACKED.COM Pattinson said being knocked down by a full grown stallion in Water For Elephants was terrify- ing, but he felt so at ease with an actual pachyderm on set that he climbed in her mouth.

Digital Spy

‘Lord of the Rings’ was initially a huge gamble.

New Line Cinema gambled their entire company on the success of the 'Lord of The Rings' franchise. CRACKED.COM They committed to all three films for more than $270 million up front in the early 2000s, and now Amazon is producing the 'Rings of Power' series for a reported $1 billion.

NY Times

A missionary stayed with the native tribe they were sent to convert.

A missionary was converted to Atheism while trying to convert an indigenous Brazilian tribe in the '70s. João mack Joaa falonEque Joadise machucon Joan falon CRACKED.COM Daniel Everett learned to speak the unique language of the Pirahã tribe, rejected Christi- anity, lost his family, and lived with the tribe.

The Guardian

France banned the disposal of unsold grocery items.

France banned supermarkets from throwing away unsold food, forcing them to donate it to charities and food banks. note note - CRACKED.COM France was the first country to do this. Char- ities will be able to give out millions more free meals each year to peo- ple struggling to afford to eat.

The Guardian

The pronoun ‘I’ is capitalized only in English.

English is the only language that capitalizes the personal pronoun 'I.' T 1 T i CRACKED.COM There were no rules for capitalization until the 1700s, but the lowercase 'i' was difficult to read, so the capitalization makes it more clear that it is intend- ed to stand out.


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