18 of the Best Fictional Sports Franchises in Pop Culture

18 of the Best Fictional Sports Franchises in Pop Culture

The National Football League is back in season. Major League Baseball is hitting its stride. The National Basketball Association will hit the court in a month. The National Hockey League might still be going around now, we don’t know. The point is that sports fever is in the air for the sports fans out there. Yet during this season, a bunch of random nerdos might feel left behind.

What if you’re not so much a sports fan but a fan of sports franchises within your favorite cartoons, television shows, and movies? Sure, Giannis Antetokounmpo is an impressive NBA player, but he’s got nothing on Bugs Bunny’s hoop game. Could Auston Matthews get a 60-goal season if he skated against the Hanson Brothers in a game of hockey? Could the New York Mets beat Futurama’s New New York Mets?

Who are among the best fictional sport franchises in popular culture? Let’s break it all down.

The Tune Squad

Fictional Sports Franchises Space Jam EXIT The Tune Squad Professional basketball could never produce a team with such a firm grasp on fundamentals mixed with vaudeville shtick. But what about the Harlem Globetrotters, you ask? Listen, the Globetrotters can never boast having Michael Jordan or LeBron James. CRACKED.COM

Average Joe's Dodgeball Team

Fictional Sports Franchises C e Average Toe's SCOME Average Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Average Joe's Dodgeball Team While they look... well, average, the Joes fully encapsulate the 5 D's of Dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. Plus, not many other sports teams train by having their coach throw wrenches at them. CRACKED.COM

South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs

Fictional Sports Franchises BOURBON BOWL ANNIVERSAL ية R 4 BOURBONBOWL THE PE adidas go8TS TEALL 9 The Waterboy South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs Everyone loves an underdog team with a Cinderella story, especially one with an ultra-violent linebacker who is the spokesman for hydration. CRACKED.COM

Springfield Isotopes

Fictional Sports Franchises 1 The Simpsons satopa Springfield Isotopes The 'Topes may not be as big of a franchise as Capital City, but they have to have something going on if the good people of Albuquerque were trying to buy the team. CRACKED.COM

Miami Sharks

Fictional Sports Franchises Any Given Sunday Miami Sharks From the aggression, the partying, and the chaos, the Sharks are the most NFL-ish team to never play in the NFL. CRACKED.COM

Team Shaolin

Fictional Sports Franchises Team Shaolin Can anyone truly beat a soccer team that kicks ass at the game that can also kick ass in general? Shaolin Soccer CRACKED.COM

Dillon High Panthers

Fictional Sports Franchises PANTHERS 6 PANTHERS 20 Friday Night Lights Dillon High Panthers Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose, Must Include, No Excuse. It's the team all high school football programs try to emulate. CRACKED.COM

The Niners

Fictional Sports Franchises NINER INERS NINE NIN ER Star Trek: Deep Space Nine NERS The Niners This team has to be celebrated, not due to their proficiency in baseball, but because they're able to keep the memory of the sport alive in 2375. CRACKED.COM

London Silly Nannies

Fictional Sports Franchises Family Guy 6 15 London Silly Nannies This franchise deserves recognition just because a group of wimpy English goofs from the 19th century becoming a sports franchise is newsworthy on its own. CRACKED.COM

AFC Richmond

Fictional Sports Franchises AFC Richmond Most sports shows and movies showcase the gritty drama and harshness, but this? This team shows warmth, heart, and induces tears unlike any... OK, we're going to call our тот now. bantr bantr bant bantr bant DC bc b be B ba bantr Ted Lasso CRACKED.COM

The Hickory High Huskers

Fictional Sports Franchises Hoosiers HICKORY The Hickory High Huskers This is based on an actual winning high school team but this version has Gene Hackman, so it's one of the best by that metric alone. Plus, it's a movie gym teachers played whenever they were hungover and needed a good cry. CRACKED.COM

Arlen High School Longhorns

Fictional Sports Franchises King of the Hill 33 Arlen High School Longhorns If animated icons like Hank Hill and Boomhauer take their football tenure this seriously, and if Bill Dauterive is willing to mangle his knees to protect his Longhorn football record as a middle-aged man, there must be something to this team. CRACKED.COM

Gotham Rogues

Fictional Sports Franchises The Dark Knight Rises GOTHANN DI Gotham Rogues Eagle-eyed viewers will recognize the Rogues' roster as mostly players from the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it's impressive to have a player that can outrun an underground explosion. CRACKED.COM

New New York Mets

Fictional Sports Franchises Futurama 7/8 New New York Mets They're the blernsball team that hired the first professional female blernsball player, so they have to get proper kudos! Granted, hiring Leela to bean players was for novelty purposes, but still! CRACKED.COM

The Mighty Ducks

Fictional Sports Franchises Coach Bomby EAST The Mighty Ducks ПСК The Ducks It's the fictional franchise which became a real NHL franchise, so it must be honored on that feat alone. CRACKED.COM

West Canaan Coyotes

Fictional Sports Franchises 5 59 4 Varsity Blues West Canaan Coyotes The sports team in a movie that screamed at the previous generation, Aye down't wont your lyfe! at the top of their lungs, as the Foo Fighters played in the background. CRACKED.COM

Charlestown Chiefs

Fictional Sports Franchises С CHIEFS Slap Shot TIFFS Charlestown Chiefs This team are the Apostles for any and all hockey goons. While several NHL teams could outskate and possibly outscore the Chiefs, they sure as hell can't outfight them. CRACKED.COM

The Bad News Bears

Fictional Sports Franchises HOME TEAM RS BE ARS a BEARS BEARS The Bad News Bears The Bad News Bears Are the Bears the best baseball team? No. Are they the baseball team that taught a whole generation of Little Leaguers how to swear? Damn right they are. CRACKED COM
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