25 Head-Spinning News Stories That Could Only Happen In 2022

25 Head-Spinning News Stories That Could Only Happen In 2022

What is the most fascinating thing you can imagine? I enjoy this list of interesting facts about various topics, and I'm sure you'll find the same enjoyment here. I've heard the expression “curiosity killed the cat” a few times over, so I will begin by saying that my curiosity has not killed any cats. I began this project for my own enjoyment, and then thought others might enjoy it. The list was born from my own personal interests, and I'm hoping others will find it as amusing as I do. I enjoy this list of interesting facts so much that I hope to keep adding to it. Feel free to post suggestions for topics to add to the list to me. If you have an interesting fact that you would like to share, please post about it. It's likely that others would find this fact just as interesting as I do. Thank you.

Dolly Parton launches 'Doggy Parton' pet apparel line.

Dolly Parton is launching a pet apparel line called Doggy Parton. GRACKED.COM The line will feature shirts, dresses, squeaky toys and even a blonde wig. A por- tion of the proceeds will go to a rescue organiza- tion that provides a home for displaced animals.


Children as young as 13 could be used to help solve labor shortages in Australia.

Australia has an answer to the labor shortage: 13-year-olds. GRAGKED.COM The Australian Retailers Association is calling for changes to the national minimum working age re- quirements so that chil- dren as young as 13 years old can be put to work.


Milpitas Unified Asks Parents to Open Homes to Teachers.

A California school district is asking parents to house teachers because they can't afford to live in the area. 1918 CRACKED.COM The Milpitas Unified School District is now asking par- ents who have room to spare inside their homes to rent out the space to teach- ers. Or, and we are just spit- balling, pay them more.


People buying whipped cream in New York are being asked to show I.D.

New Yorkers now need to show I.D. to buy whipped cream. GRAGKED.COM A new state law requires I.D. proving customers are 21 in order to purchase whipped cream due to the nitrous oxide cartridge in- side the can that can be in- haled to get high.

Times Union

Pregnant Texas woman who claimed her unborn baby counts as a passenger in HOV lane is ticketed again.

The pregnant woman in Texas that argued she can use the HOV lane was ticketed, again. CRACKED.COM Brandy Bottone's first cita- tion was dismissed after the judge presumably did not want to be the one to set precedent on the mat- ter, so Brandy once again took to the carpool lane to force Texas' hand.

NBC News

Lea Michele says of course she can read, she was on Glee.

'Glee' star Lea Michele says she really can read and write, despite rumors to the contrary. CRACKED.COM I went to Glee every sin- gle day; I knew my lines every single day, she said. And then there's a rumor online that I can't read or write? It's sad. It really is.

AV Club

People are getting their semen turned into jewelry.

Dehydrated semen is the latest jewelry craze on TikTok. CRACKED.COM Jeweler and sculptor Aman- da Booth accepts samples of semen sent to her that she then dehydrates and turns into a powder before turning them into wearable beads or trinkets.


Burglar in box caught after Livingston Parish dental heist.

A burglar pulled a Solid Snake and used a box to creep into a dental office. CRACKED.COM Celestiane Casandra Kiya Wooten was seen in securi- ty footage hiding in a box when she entered an unse- cured rear door, losing the box only after she safely passed a mounted camera.


Woman with no fingerprints can finally volunteer.

A woman that has no fingerprints finally proved she has no criminal record. GRAGKED.COM 60-year-old Andreé Leger-Cormier hadn't got- ten a background check in a while, so she does not know exactly when her fin- gers lost their identifiable pattern. Or she is a part of the Men in Black.


Man breaks Guinness World Record riding in a pumpkin.

A man used the 846lb pumpkin he grew as a canoe to set a new record. CRACKED.COM Duane Hansen set a new Guinness World Record by riding 38 miles down the Missouri River in the giant pumpkin he grew himself, beating the previous re- cord of 25.5 miles.


Woman Tries To Beat DUI Test By Irish Folk Dancing And Fails.

A woman tried to Irish folk dance her way out of a DUI. CRACKED.COM The 38-year-old was in a car accident a mile from her home. When she couldn't walk in a straight line during her sobriety test, she gave up and start- ed dancing instead.

Wild 941

Scientists mourn loss of California's best-known whale.

California's favorite whale was murdered by a ship and washed ashore. CRACKED.COM Fran, California's best-known, lovable whale, a favorite among scientists and whale watchers, was killed by what was likely a brutal ship strike - which separated her skull from her spine.

SF Gate

An "unusual smell" on a plane at a North Carolina airport turned out to be nail polish.

A broken bottle of nail polish was discovered to be the source of an unusual smell on an airplane. ILLAMASO CRACKED.COM After landing, the ground crew opened the luggage compartment and immedi- ately noticed the smell, prompting fire trucks to be sent out to respond. No one was hurt, said a spokesperson.


Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart.

A woman was accidentally tranquilized by Japanese monkey hunters. CRACKED.COM Three municipal workers and a specialist were dis- patched to subdue a mon- key spotted in Fuji City, when the woman who re- ported the sighting was suddenly shot by a dart and fell unconscious.

Sora News

A mint condition Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for $12.6 million.

A Mickey Mantle card sold for $12.6 million, becoming the most ever paid for sports memorabilia. GRACKED COM The mint condition card eclipsed the previous re- cord - $9.3 million for the jersey worn by Diego Mara- dona when he scored the contentious Hand of God goal in soccer's 1986 World Cup.


Woman claims God gave her an STD and says it is a ‘blessing.’

A Vegas woman claims God gave her herpes to make better choices. GRAGKED.COM Herpes can actually be a blessing, she said in a Tik- Tok video.  forced me to get my sh*t together. I had to change my diet, get rid of the toxic people in my life, I just made a lot of changes.


Winnipeg mayoral candidate gets bike stolen 85 minutes after promising to reduce bike theft.

Minutes after promising to reduce bike theft, a Winnipeg mayor had his bike stolen. CRACKED COM Rick Shone had his bicycle stolen from the bed of his truck less than 90 minutes after announcing a су- cling-infrastructure plan that included plans to re- duce bike theft.


North Highlands food bank being evicted due to landlord feeling it attracts homeless.

A food bank is being evicted for attracting the homeless. II Sex 1 Take Pasta a Text Take 1 - - - - CRACKED.COM North Highlands Christian Food Ministry was hand- ed eviction papers, as The owner believes that the homeless population in this area is due to us being here.


Gang of turkeys attacks B.C. man, breaking both his hips and a finger.

A Canadian man had both his hips and a finger broken by a gang of wild turkeys. CRACKED COM Police were told that the birds in question have already been scheduled to receive the death penalty for their crimes.

Mission City Record

Shaun the Sheep is going to be the first European going to the Moon.

Shaun the Sheep, aboard Artemis 1, will be the first European to go to the Moon. CRACKED COM The first of a number of planned flights, Artemis 1 will have no human pilots on board, but Shaun will be joined by an Amazon Alexa, a Snoopy doll and even some plants.

Science Focus

Britons need to be ‘less squeamish’ about drinking water from sewage, says agency head.

The British Environment Agency chief says people need to be less squeamish about drinking sewage. CRACKED.COM Part of the  solution will be to reprocess the water that results from sewage treat- ment and turn it back into drinking water, Sir James Bev- an says. Perfectly safe and healthy, but not something many people fancy.

The Guardian

A pilot threatened to turn the plane around if passengers didn't stop AirDropping nudes to each other.

A pilot told a passenger to stop sending his nudes to people or he is turning this thing around. CRACKED.COM Before take off, passengers began to receive lewd pho- tos via AirDrop. The pilot went on the loudspeaker to tell the anonymous creep to knock it off or else the plane is heading back to the gate.


Cristiano Ronaldo statue's penis becoming worn out because of so many tourists grabbing it.

The statue of Ronaldo is having its penis worn out from all the tourists grabbing at it. GRACKED.COM Cristiano Ronaldo's giant, bronze statue in his home- town in Portugal is starting to get particularly shiny in areas where tourists grab at it - noticeably the hands and meticulously crafted crotch bulge.


A man allegedly tried to 'purchase' young girl from parents for $100,000 at grocery store.

A Florida man tried to buy a girl from her parents at a grocery store. FRUTAS ESPECIAIS OTIMAS - KINO DE SAUDE MACAFULI FROMAS FOND - JOVENTULE! Supply USD UNITED AVOCADO - MIRROR CRACKED COM Hellmuth Kolb, which is a great name for a World Of Warcraft villain, attempted to pay the parents of an 8-year-old $100,000 - which is only half what he offered in a similar at- tempt in 2018.


J.K. Rowling's new book, about a transphobe who faces wrath online, raises eyebrows.

J.K. Rowling just released a book about a transphobe being bullied online. CRACKED.COM The 1,000+ page install- ment of the Cormoran Strike series, The Ink Black Heart, centers around a popular cartoonist who is found dead after be- ing criticized for being rac- ist, ableist and transphobic.


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