20 Trivia Tidbits That Really Mended Our Fences

Crop circles in Australia are caused by high wallabies.
20 Trivia Tidbits That Really Mended Our Fences

There are many interesting and sometimes shocking facts in the world. Some enjoy this list of interesting facts and will read it for pleasure, while others may be put off by the many facts and will skip down to the next list of interesting facts. However, I feel that it would be remiss not to offer a few facts that may amuse, entertain, or even startle you. I hope that you are entertained as you read, but I also hope that you learn something. These facts are written in an unusual format, so that you will need to scroll down the list to find some of the facts. As you scroll, you may find yourself wondering who made the list, and why it is written in such a strange manner. You might also be wondering where this list was made, and if anyone has made a list like this before. Well, enjoy this list of interesting facts!

“The Matrix” used guns made specially for the film.

The shotguns that Mouse uses in 'The Matrix' were working models made just for the movie. CRACKED.COM The guns used a unique cam-driven design in- vented by the movie's armorer, John Bowring, and fired 900 rounds per minute.


Daniel Craig had to help finish writing on one of the Bond movies.

Daniel Craig had to finish the Quantum of Solace script because of the 2008 Writers Strike. CRACKED.COM On 'Quantum,' we were fucked, he said. We had the bare bones of a script and then there was a writers' strike and there was nothing we could do.


Wallabies eat poppies and hop in circles while high.

Legal poppy fields in Australia have a problem with wallabies eating the plants and getting high. CRACKED.COM The marsupials get high as a kite and hop around in a loop. When they crash, they leave behind crop circles.


The sand octopus can’t change color, so it makes a house in the sand.

The Sand Octopus quickly builds a bunker in the ocean floor to escape predators. GRACKED.COM Since they lack the ability to change color, they shoot jets of water into the sand to bury themselves. They then secrete mucus to rein- force the walls, and leave one arm out as a ventila- tion chimney.

Earth Touch News

Huichol Indian men feel the pain of childbirth with ropes around their testicles.

Huichol Indian men tie ropes around their testicles when their wives are giving birth. CRACKED.COM When she feels a painful contraction, she tugs on the rope so her husband will share some of the pain as part of their child's entrance into the world.

Weird Universe

A gallon of seawater can produce as much energy as 300 gallons of gasoline with fusion.

Seawater may be a potential fuel for a fusion reactor. CRACKED.COM Deuterium, one of the in- gredients for nuclear fu- sion, is readily found in seawater. A gallon of sea- water can produce as much energy as 300 gal- lons of gasoline.

Hyper Physics 

An arts and crafts toy for kids was recalled when it left children comatose.

4.2 million units of a kid's arts and crafts toy were recalled in the US for containing sedatives. CRACKED COM Aqua Beads were found to have been made with cheap chemicals in China that was a pharmacologically active sedative drug which left kids comatose after they in- gested the beads.


P.T. Barnum created a copy of a giant statue that wasn’t really an ancient artifact.

P.T. Barnum out-hucked a huckster who buried a giant statue. CRACKED.COM George Hull commissioned a giant statue in 1869 to bury and later dig up, pre- tending it was an artifact. When Hull declined Bar- num's offer of $50k for it, Barnum made his own and claimed Hull had a fake.


AT&T miscalculated how many of their customers could spell.

1-800-COLLECT owned the misspelling of AT&T's competing service. 5 jkl 4 ghi 6 mno 8 tuv 7 pqrs 9 wxyz CRACKED.COM AT&T launched 1-800-Opera- tor, but found that many peo- ple misspelled Operator with 'er' at the end. 1-800-COL- LECT owned 1-800-OPERAT- ER and had been taking their customers.

Network World

An exploding star in 1006 AD was brighter than Venus.

A supernova in 1006 AD was visible in the daytime. CRACKED.COM SN 1006 is the brightest ob- served stellar event in re- corded history, 16 times brighter than Venus. It did not significantly affect Earth, but a signal of its outburst can be found in nitrate de- posits in Antarctic ice.


A sausage kitchen in Germany has been in operation for 900 years.

There is a sausage restaurant in Germany which has been in business for 900 years. Burstküche MISTORISCHE CRACKED.COM Regensburg Sausage Kitchen has been sell- ing sausages well be- fore the Inca Empire existed and is still serving 6,000 sausag- es a day.

Atlas Obscura

Genghis Khan had his daughters take over rule in allied nations.

Genghis Khan would marry off a daughter to the king of an allied nation, dismissing his other wives. GRACKED.COM Then he would assign his new son-in-law to military duty in the Mongol wars, while the daughter took over the rule. Most sons-in-law died in com- bat, giving him shields around the Mongol lands.

The Tyee

Scotland Yard employs people that are really good at remembering faces.

Scotland Yard has a team of super-recognizers. CRACKED.COM These people are so good at remember- ing faces, even after a fleeting glance, that law enforcement employs them.


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