20 Death Defying Facts That Really Charled Our Bronsons

“Death Wish 3” dropped the Roman numerals because Americans couldn’t read them.
20 Death Defying Facts That Really Charled Our Bronsons

The following facts are true and accurate. There is no embellishment. I swear. The author wishes to note that this list is intended to be read in the company of a nice cup of tea, preferably Earl Grey or English Breakfast, enjoy this list of interesting facts while enjoying a nice cup of tea, please! This list has been compiled in order to assist the reader's understanding of how things are and how they came to be. This is a serious endeavour, not to be taken lightly. It is a list of interesting facts that I hope will make the world a better place by giving our minds a good stretch. There are no questions at the end of this list because the author has answered all the questions. This list contains many facts that will be quite fascinating and thought-provoking to some people, but others may find it quite boring, please, if you find yourself in that latter category, try again later.

The port side of a ship was originally called “larboard.”

The left side of the ship was originally called larboard or the loading side of the ship. CAULOS RED CRACKED.COM Because it sounded too similar to the opposite side, starboard, the left be- came port since the left side of the ship was the one that was against the dock for loading.


Hitler helped his Jewish doctor to leave Germany in 1940.

Hitler granted his childhood doctor, Eduard Bloch, special protection by the Gestapo. CRACKED.COM When Hitler's mother couldn't afford cancer treat- ment, Bloch reduced his prices. Teenage Adolf de- clared undying gratitude, and when Austria was an- nexed, Hitler kept his word to the Jewish doctor.


Norway wanted to give Finland a mountain for its 100th birthday.

Norway wanted to change their border with Finland to give them a mountain for their 100th birthday. CRACKED.COM Norwegian geophysicist Bjorn Geirr Harsson says he got the idea in 1972 when he saw that the highest point in Finland was on a hillside and for Norway on a mountain.


Softwood and hardwood are determined by the way they reproduce.

Balsa wood, one of the softest woods, is technically a hardwood. CRACKED.COM The difference be- tween hardwood and softwood has to do with how they repro- duce, not the actual hardness of the wood.


University students voted to make the school mascot a banana slug, but the chancellor refused.

In 1986, students at University of California, Santa Cruz voted to make the school's official mascot the Banana Slug. CRACKED COM The chancellor refused to honor the result, instead polling just student-ath- letes on the question, who also voted over- whelmingly in favor of the Banana Slug.


‘Harry Potter’ has many elements that came from an earlier novel.

Many elements of Harry Potter are very similar to a book written 3 years before. CRACKED.COM The Secret of Platform 13 features a boy of magi- cal lineage who lives in an abusive house with a spoiled other child, and you get to the magical world through a platform at King's Cross.

DDG Books

The inventor of Liquid Paper had a son that formed The Monkees.

Michael Nesmith from the Monkees is the son of the Liquid Paper inventor. CRACKED.COM Bette Graham became a typist to support herself and her son in 1951, where she invented a paint to cover her mistakes. She sold her business Liquid Paper Company 25 years later for $48 million.

Feel Numb

The third installment of the Death Wish series dropped the Roman numerals.

Death Wish III was renamed when a survey revealed half the US couldn't read Roman numerals. WH CRACKED.COM The title was changed to simply Death Wish 3 after the Cannon Group did a marketing survey. This didn't help the film with critics, however, and it was mostly negatively reviewed.

Bronson’s Loose!

A pint of slug juice was a prescribed cure to a cough in the 17th century.

People with a persistent cough in the 17th century would be prescribed a slug and earthworm broth. CRACKED COM They were mashed, cut up and added to a pot of spring water and brought to the boil. Straining out the solid bits was optional. A pint mixed with that of milk was said to cure even tuberculosis.

Pharma Journal

A baby will get calcium from their mother’s bones while in the womb.

Women often lose 3 to 5% of their bone mass during breastfeeding. CRACKED.COM During pregnancy, the fe- tus needs plenty of calci- um to develop its skeleton. If the mother doesn't get enough calcium, her baby will draw what it needs from the mother's bones.


Blowout, TX is named after a cave of bat poop that was struck by lightning.

The town of Blowout, Texas, is named after a bat poop explosion. CRACKED.COM Ammonia and other gasses from decomposing guano built up in a cave that was home to thousands of bats, and when lightning struck at the cave mouth the gas- ses exploded.


Researchers during the Vietnam War accidentally made a liquid mine from rocket fuel.

A 'liquid landmine' was invented during the Vietnam War that deactivates itself in 4 days. CRACKED COM Astrolite, developed from rocket fuel, is poured onto the ground with a detona- tor. Just 10 ounces is enough to incapacitate an enemy combatant, and it can't be detected by nor- mal detection equipment.


The NFL is behind high school and college football in field goal records.

The longest recorded field goal in the NFL is shorter than those in college and high school games. CRACKED.COM The 66 yard kick by Balti- more Ravens' Justin Tucker was under a Nevada high school student's 68 yard goal in 1985. The longest ever recorded was 69 yards, by Ove Johansson at Abilene Christian University.


The KGB used a keylogger on a typewriter in the Moscow embassy.

The soviets were able to steal US secrets with a keylogger on a typewriter. underwood FIVE CRACKED.COM Project Gunman discov- ered primitive keylogging technology installed by the KGB into the IBM Selectric typewriters used in the US Embassy in Moscow, which went unnoticed for 8 years.

Crypto Museum 

Saturn's moon Iapetus is shaped like a walnut.

No one knows why Saturn's moon lapetus has an 8 mile tall ridge around its equator. CRACKED.COM The equatorial ridge, dis- covered in 2007, is 810 miles long, 12 miles wide, and only exists in the dark region of the moon. There is no definitive explanation for how it formed.


People made their own currency during the Great Depression.

Bits of random debris were used as currency during the Great Depression. THIS SCRIP IS REDEEMABLE BY THE TRUSTEES OF THE Tenino Chamber of Commerce, Inc. FROM THURSTON COUNTY WARRANTS AND THE ASSIGNED DIVIDENDS FROM THE LIQUIDATION OF THE CITIZENS BANK OF TENINO, WASH FOR THE AMOUNT OF 1 1 ONE DOLLAR IN UNITED STATES CURRENCY Redeemable during the Hwurchmann Month of December, 1933 N° 40 Third Series Issue-of January, 1933. Depression Scrip was made of things like shells, wood, and paper, which was used as local currency instead of US dollars due to banks be- ing closed.

Depression Scrip

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