18 Facts About What’s Streaming On HBO Max In September

18 Facts About What’s Streaming On HBO Max In September

The leaves are getting orange and brown instead of green and brown. The summer heat is dying down to cooler warmth. Pumpkin spice lattes are in season even though you technically could have them whenever you want. You can also make Thanksgiving dinner at any time if you’d like. Seasons aren’t really a thing anymore when it comes to food. You can get anything anywhere at any time. But we digress.

As the world turns, new shows and movies come to HBO Max in spite of the fact that many shows and movies were taken off of HBO Max (seriously, find Infinity Train somewhere and watch it). So why not grab a cup of pumpkin spice whatever and watch some content while you still can?

Here are some facts about the various movies and TV shows coming to HBO Max this month (unless Warner Bros. Discovery decide they need another tax write-off).

Hot Tub Time Machine

September on HBOMAX Hot Tub September 1 Time Machine Screenwriter Josh Heald joked i with his college buddies that one day they'd all make a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine. To the surprise of many, that actually ended up happening. CRACKED.COM


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

September on HBOMAX September 1 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Australia and West Germany banned the movie, deeming it too offensive and gory. Also, the movie wasn't released in the UK because officials demanded 20-25 minutes cut. CRACKED.COM

Screen Rant

Shadow of the Thin Man

September on HBOMAX Shadow of September 1 the Thin Man This is one of only three films Stella Adler performed in. She was in this, My Girl Tisa, and Love on Toast before committing to teaching full time. CRACKED.COM



September on HBOMAX September 1 RocknRolla Director Guy Ritchie has a cameo. He's the guy riding a bike riding past Roman and Mickey as they approach Johnny's crack house. CRACKED.COM


Impractical Jokers

September on HBOMAX September 10 Season 9 Impractical Jokers All four cast members have been pranking each other since high school, somehow turning that into a successful career and TV show. CRACKED.COM



September on HBOMAX September 1 Divergent The movie filmed under the name Catbird to prevent fans of the book series from raiding the set. Why Catbird? Who knows. CRACKED.COM


Village of the Damned

September on HBOMAX Village of September 1 the Damned For close-ups, the children's heads were clamped in order for them to be perfectly, eerily still (which makes the behind-the-scenes more disturbing than the film itself). CRACKED.COM


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