Dodgeball Is 18: 15 Behind The Scenes Facts

Dodgeball Is 18: 15 Behind The Scenes Facts

I enjoy this list of interesting facts. I think it's because they make my brain feel warm and fuzzy. Also, it's kind of like reading a good book that's easy to understand. But that's not really the reason why I love this list so much. I love it because of all the people who made it. There are so many people who have contributed to this list. There's a guy in Italy who likes to collect facts and make lists. There's an old man who made the list his hobby. There are people from different parts of the world, and people who have different jobs. The list is kind of like a social network for nerds. And I guess it's a lot like a big family for nerds. But all of these people enjoy this list of interesting facts. They don't take it too seriously. They're happy that other people are enjoying it.

White Goodman Is A Clone Of Another Stiller Character

White Goodman Is A Clone Of Another Stiller Character CRACKED.COM White Goodman is a long-lost twin of an- other one of Stiller's characters. Stiller played a similar persona, Tony Perkins, in the Disney movie Heavyweights. Stiller said, I always thought, 'Well, nobody ever saw Heavyweights, so I can do this.' But a lot of people saw Heavyweights ар- parently. Apparently, it shows on the Dis- ney channel a lot or something. So yeah, there are definitely correlations between them. But you know, it's like, how often do you get the chance to do a guy like that? It was really


A Dark Fan Theory Exists About Steve The Pirate

A Dark Fan Theory Exists About Steve The Pirate CRACKED.COM In 2012, a Redditor named 'Maized' cre- ated a fan theory about Steve The Pi- rate. Maized proposed that Steve is ac- tually a Navy veteran who suffers from PTSD. Maized claimed Steve's tattoos resemble those of U.S. Naval recruits and that the pirate persona was a сор- ing mechanism. Не also brings up the fact that Steve seems to have no job as he just hangs around a gym all day, meaning he may be benefiting from medical discharge military benefits.


Chuck Norris Was Reluctant To Appear

Chuck Norris Was Reluctant To Appear CRACKED.COM Norris originally declined the offer to ар- pear in the film. In an interview with Em- pire Magazine, Norris said, I was in L.A. when they asked me to do the cameo. I said no at first because it was a three-hour drive to Long Beach. When Stiller heard this he called Norris begging him to reconsider. Norris continued, Не goes, 'Chuck, please, you've got to do this for me!' My wife said he should send a helicopter for me and that's what hap- pened. I didn't read the screenplay, just did my


The Cast Went To Dodgeball Boot Camp

The Cast Went To Dodgeball Boot Camp CRACKED.COM In preparation for the film, the entire cast ran indoor dodgeball drills at a boot camp. Stiller said the practice consisted of the cast gathering at a gym a few times a week playing dodge- ball. The game was physically exhaust- ing for many of the cast, Stiller added, It's a game for the young. It's one thing when you're eight, but when you're 38, it gets really exhausting. Af- ter three or four minutes, you're fried.


The Inspiration For Average Joe’s Colors

The Inspiration For Average Joe's Colors CRACKED.COM The colors of the Average Joes Gym uniforms were chosen to match the basketball team from the 1986 film Hoosiers. The direc- tor of Hoosiers, David Anspaugh, was a friend of Stiller and Vaughn, in addition to having worked with both in the past. Не even visited the Dodgeball set and attended the premiere.


The Inspiration For Goodman’s Hair

The Inspiration For Goodman's Hair CRACKED.COM In the Dodgeball commentary, Stiller admitted he based White Goodman's hairstyle on Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse. Thurb- er described it as a super quaffed power mullet. Coinci- dentally, the super quaffed power mullet is also a move in the Kama Sutra.


The Film Originally Featured A Cyborg

The Film Originally Featured A Cyborg CRACKED.COM Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky, the Eastern European Purple Cobra member was originally more than just a woman with a cannon for an arm. In the original draft of the script, Fran was supposed to be a dodgeball robot. Thurber cut the storyline because he thought it was too far-fetched, but the actress, Missi Pyle, who played Fran said her metallic face and fake breasts were supposed to be exposed at the climax.


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