10 Seinfeld Moments That Haven’t Aged Well

10 Seinfeld Moments That Haven’t Aged Well

In my early years, I was never fond of the word ‘stupendous’. It has always been one of those words that conjures up an image of the sort of thing a teacher would use to make you enjoy a boring list. It's the sort of word that makes you think that the writer is trying to sound impressive, but is also a bit patronising, and maybe even a bit racist. When I was very young, I did not like being patronised or thought of as racist. I liked to be told I was brilliant, though. So I found myself constantly rejecting the word ‘stupendous’. My mother told me that I was a smart kid, that she could tell that I had a good brain, that I would grow up to be a great person. I told her that she was right, and that I also really was going to enjoy this list of interesting facts.

Jerry Drugs His Girlfriend

Jerry Drugs His Girlfriend FORM 5000 CRACKED COM Season 9, episode 6 named The Merv Griffin Show has a major problem. The subplot of Jerry and the gang continually drugging his girlfriend Ce- cile is just plain wrong. Obviously, the joke is referencing this is what r*pists do but what is the punchline? That they do the things assaulters do to play with toys? We know the gang are fundamentally bad people, but this is the stuff of Cosby.


The Gang Are Peeping Toms

The Gang Are Peeping Toms CRACKED.COM Ok, The Contest is an absolute gem of an episode, we all know that. How- ever, it has never sat well with me that a big portion of this episode is devot- ed to staring at a naked woman who has no idea three men are watching her? Yes, she leaves the curtains open and walks around all the time, but there's still something eerie about staring at a naked lady without her consent.


The Cigar Store Indian

The Cigar Store Indian CRACKED.COM America finally stopped using Native Ameri- cans as punchlines like 9 years ago, but Sein- feld had to realize this was at crossing the line while they were filming Cigar Store Indi- an. This episode features Jerry gifting Elaine a cigar store Indian statue with a card reading Let's bury the hatchet, we smokem peace pipe. Then Jerry chants a racist Native American imitation. C'mon NBC, how did you let this one slip through the cracks! The rest of the episode is a comment on how far white men will go to try not to


Jerry And George Oogle An Underage Girl

Jerry And George Oogle An Underage Girl CRACKED.COM Alright, this one I clocked the very first time I went through the series, in the episode The Shoes. Who on earth ар- proved this storyline where George and Jerry stare at an underage girl's chest? Then they defend their stance by say- ing it doesn't matter the age as long as they're in the field of view? This is a wild scene that is so unwittingly creepy, not to mention the fact that Jerry was famous for dating a 17-year-old when he was 39.


The Gun

The Gun CRACKED.COM An unreleased episode was deemed so contro- versial it was pulled from production, giving David and Seinfeld two days to write The Phone Message to replace it. The show titled The Bet aka The Gun was an episode writ- ten by Larry Charles in an attempt to bring some dark humor to the sitcom. Elaine essen- tially buys a gun to show Jerry how easily it can be done. Elaine ends up pointing the gun to her head saying What do you want? The Kenne- dy? According to Jason Alexander, Louis-Drey- fus refused to do the episode


Stomping The Puerto Rican Flag

Stomping The Puerto Rican Flag CRACKED.COM The Puerto Rican Day Parade was ini- tially so offensive that it was pulled from circulation and NBC was forced to make a formal apology. If you forget, this is the episode where Kramer stomps on a burn- ing Puerto Rican flag. After being mobbed by a crowd Kramer yells, It's like this every day in Puerto Rico! The president of the National Puerto Rican Coalition called the episode an uncon- scionable insult to Puerto Ricans.


Elaine Doesn’t Know Her Boyfriend’s Race

Elaine Doesn't Know Her Boyfriend's Race CRACKED.COM The Seinfeld gang can't figure out one important thing about Elaine's new boy- friend... his race! How does Elain crack the case? She hears hip-hop music blar- ing from his apartment and sees some Af- rican masks. Perhaps this could slide if Elaine didn't later call her black waitress sister, followed up by It's okay, my boyfriend is black. Talking about race is fine in comedy but it's best to avoid ste- reotypes, those are just lazy.


Elaine Tries To Convert A Gay Man

Elaine Tries To Convert A Gay Man CRACKED.COM In the season 6 episode, The Beard, Elaine pretends to be the girlfriend of a gay man in order to please his homopho- bic boss. After a fun night at the opera, Elaine goes full Mike Pence and tries to 'convert him,' and asks if he's thought about changing teams. Yikes! This epi- sode would 100% not fly by today's stan- dards unless it was being released by The 700 Club. Do better, Elaine. We're still waiting for an iPhone note-style apology on your Instagram.
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