20 Adult Swim Facts That Are Keeping Us Out of the Pool

The block that made adults (well, stoned college kids) watch Cartoon Network.
20 Adult Swim Facts That Are Keeping Us Out of the Pool

In 2001, executives at Cartoon Network finally looked around and thought, “Hey, you know what? I bet stoned college kids and anime fans would watch our channel.” And they were totally right. Young adults who would eventually become Cracked readers (and writers) flocked to their TVs on Sunday nights with pizza, beer, and other substances to enjoy offbeat comedy, reruns of Family Guy, and just plain bizarre stuff.

Now, over 20 years later, Adult Swim has become an established programming block with a full library of new and old cartoons, anime shows, and incredibly niche yet hilarious comedies fit for late night viewing. But even the most devout Adult Swim fan may not know everything about their favorite cable TV programming block. In fact, some stuff may surprise you more than you’d think.

Here are some facts about Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and the shows that made it what it is today.

'Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule'

 John С. Reilly won't discuss Dr. Steve Brule. No, he isn't ashamed of Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. But he said, I just showed up with my costume and started channeling that guy. I don't know where he came from. I find the less I say about Steve Brule, the better. I think of him as real, and anytime I start to analyze him, it just gets really boring. Sounds... chilling. CRACKED.COM


'Space Ghost: Coast to Coast' and 'The Eric Andre Show'

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast godfathered The Eric Andre Show. Andre has confessed how much the mock talk show influenced his own mock talk show. Не watched SG:C2C constantly while shooting the first season to absorb as much Space Ghost as  could.  CRACKED.COM


'Sealab 2021'

Everyone hated the Sealab 2021 pilot. Creators Adam Reed and Matt Thompson recorded new audio over an existing episode of Sealab 2020, and it was bad. It was only picked up after cutting it down to seven minutes of insanity (and because Adult Swim needed short form content).  CRACKED.COM


'Joe Pera Talks With You'

CRACKED.COM  Locations weren't shut down while shooting Joe Pera Talks With You. In order to keep things inexpensive and realistic, Pera and his crew visit his locations while they are still doing business, with real customers at times interacting with him in character.


'Childrens Hospital'

 If you've ever been to any children's hospital, you know it's the least funny place anywhere. That reasoning is how Rob Corddry created the concept of Childrens Hospital by making a comedy mocking Grey's Anatomy and other steamy shows within an incredibly inappropriate setting. CRACKED.COM


'The Eric Andre Show'

CRACKED.COM  Shooting The Eric Andre Show's pilot was stressful. Andre had to shoot in a bodega that was owned by six or seven dudes that claimed they owned the place, that had crap and piles of broken glass everywhere. Andre also ran out of money and taught himself Final Cut Pro to edit the episode.


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