20 Farm-Fresh Facts That Brought Our Chickens Home To Roost

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” had the first hidden Easter eggs: actual Easter eggs.
20 Farm-Fresh Facts That Brought Our Chickens Home To Roost

Have you ever heard that “all the world's a stage”? Well, I think it is, and this is my stage. The stage of the mind. And so, enjoy this list of interesting facts. Some will be humorous. Some will be horrifying. Some may make you feel superior to other human beings. But that's okay, because it will also make you feel inferior to other human beings. That's a good thing, too. Because, let's face it, we're all in the same boat. We enjoy this list of interesting facts. We can all agree with that, right? I mean, we're all here, aren't we? Right? Oh, and by the way, I'm not really sure what's on this list. That's kind of the point. You might even find a few things in here that you don't understand. You might even think they're stupid. You might think they're wrong. You might think they're boring. That's fine. Let's go!

The opposite of Occam’s Razor is Hickam’s Dictum.

Hickam's dictum is a counterargument to Occam's razor in the medical profession. LORD While Occam's razor sug- gests a doctor should as- sume the simplest solution - а single cause for multi- ple symptoms, Hickam's dictum states: A patient can have as many diseases as he damn well pleases. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Timothy the Tortoise was the last surviving witness of the Crimean war.

The last surviving witness to the Crimean war was a turtle. Timothy the tortoise served as a mascot on HMS Queen during the bombardment of Sevas- topol in 1854. She (yes, Timothy was a girl) died in 2004, at age 160. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Sky News

Millionaires don’t think anything under $5 million is “wealthy.”

70% of millionaires do not consider themselves wealthy. $5 million is the level at which most rich people feel they have no con- straints on activities, ac- cording to a survey of 4,500 affluent investors by UBS. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Losing your sense of smell means your time is almost up.

Losing one's sense of smell strongly predicts death within five years. The loss of sense of smell predicts death more accu- rately than a diagnosis of cancer, heart failure or lung disease, the only oth- er common cause of pre- dicting it more accurately being severe liver damage. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Guardian

Elizabeth Taylor had unique eyelashes.

Elizabeth Taylor had a mutation that gave her double eyelashes. The rare disorder is known medically as distichiasis, and eye specialists refer to it as an accessory row of eyelashes. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Recycling aluminum saves 95% of energy.

Recycling aluminum cans uses 95% less energy than to produce the same amount from raw material. M04 This is because recycled materials have already been refined and pro- cessed once and manufac- turing the second time is much cleaner and less en- ergy-intensive than the first. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Movie “Easter Eggs” originated from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

The term Easter Eggs for a hidden reference in film and TV originated from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cast of the film had some fun on set by having their own Easter Egg hunt, and then ended up miss- ing a few of the eggs. Some of these eggs made it into the movie, creating the term. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Huffington Post

There is an MP3 player made just for prison inmates.

There is an mp3 player made specifically for prison inmates. All components are housed in clear casing and built with no moving parts. It even has an app (JPay's music store) that shows songs purchased most by inmates in their prison. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

JPay Inc

The Danish company that made the lethal injection drug stopped selling to prisons.

A Danish biopharmaceutical company placed an embargo on the sale of its own product. Lundbeck Inc. stopped sell- ing pentobarbital to US pris- ons because of its moral stance on lethal injection. It announced a tightly con- trolled distribution system ensuring deliveries to hospi- tals and treatment centers. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Liv Tyler didn’t know her father was Steven Tyler for 8 years.

Liv Tyler didn't know her father was Steven Tyler until she was 8-years-old. Liv Tyler believed her biolog- ical father was rock musician Todd Rundgren. It wasn't un- til she met Steven and no- ticed the resemblance be- tween her and his other daughter Mia, that Liv's mother revealed the truth. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The longest river in France was diverted to make room for a King’s chateau.

A lodge built for King Francois I was so large that the Loire river was diverted to make room for it. Chateau de Chambord was built as a hunting lodge, and so the King could be closer to his mistress. Itcontains 440 rooms, 84 staircases, and 365 fireplaces. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Wander Wisdom

The leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult was castrated.

The Heaven's Gate cult had rules against even thinking about sex. It got so bad that its found- er, Marshall Applewhite, along with seven other members opted to get cas- trated. They were only able to find a surgeon in Mexico who was okay with per- forming the surgery. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

AP News

The Switch outsold the Wii U in just one year.

Nintendo sold more Switch consoles in its first year than Wii U consoles in its entire lifetime. x - Y R NISTENDO SWITCH NINTENDO SWITCH In late 2017, the Nintendo Switch was the fastest sell- ing console in US history, and in November 2018 it was the fastest selling of all the 8th generation con- soles in the US. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Vegas used to hold parties to watch atomic bombs detonate.

Las Vegas used to host atomic bomb parties. The chamber of commerce advertised atomic bomb det- onation times and the best spots for watching them. Са- sinos offered special atomic cocktails and women com- peted for the Miss Atomic Energy crown at the Sands. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A Russian plane was so slow that German pilots would stall trying to target it.

Russians used a biplane during WWII that was purposefully slow. 28 The Polikarpov Po - 2, used on the Eastern Front, was so slow that its maximum speed was the stall speed of Ger- man planes, making it hard to target. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Russia Beyond

Flatworms duel with their penises to determine who gets to be the father.

Flatworms engage in penis fencing. While mating, hermaphro- ditic species of flatworms battle violently to decide which of the two will be the father. The winner stabs his penis into the los- er to inseminate it. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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