25 Top Stories That Put The Whole World on Blast

25 Top Stories That Put The Whole World on Blast

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The Choco Taco, Ice Cream Snack of American Summers, Is Discontinued.

Klondike discontinued the Choco Taco to meet demand for their full portfolio. CRACKED.COM Unilever had to make some difficult choices regarding their product line to en- sure availability of their full portfolio nationwide, meaning the Mexican cui- sine inspired treat will be taken off shelves.

NY Times

Fancy Feast Opens 'Gatto Bianco' Pop-up Restaurant for Human Diners.

Fancy Feast opened an exclusive, pop-up restaurant for human diners. GRACKED.COM The Gatto Bianco in New York City will serve a menu devel- oped by Fancy Feast's in-house chef, promis- ing a culinary explo- ration for cat lovers.

Food and WIne

Social media is baffled by how much law students had to pay for food during a recent bar exam.

The Javits Center is charging law students taking the bar exam $53 for a sandwich. GRACKED.COM A kosher turkey sandwich being sold to law students taking the bar exam at the NYC convention center goes for $53, and exam takers are only allowed to bring in quiet snacks for the two day exam.


Golfer Hubbard, angered by tee shot, sinks hole-in-one.

A PGA Tour golfer threw down his club in frustration after a tee shot that ended up being a hole-in-one. CRACKED COM Golfer Mark Hubbard dropped his club in disgust and called his tee shot embarrassing on the 11th hole before he watched the ball roll in for a hole-in-one in the first round of the PGA Tour.


Polish museum asks public to stop having sex at the museum.

A museum in Poland had to ask the public to please stop fornicating on the premises. CAFE GRACKED.COM Fort Gerhard, part of a 19th-century former Prus- sian fortress, says that sev- eral pairs of lovers have been caught in flagrante on its recently upgraded CCTV system.

Notes from Poland

McDonald's on Shelburne Road evacuated after employee threw live ammunition on grill.

A McDonald's had to be evacuated after an employee threw live ammunition on the grill. -E CRACKED.COM Police said an employee had reportedly removed ammu- nition from a handgun and threw three live rounds onto the grill, causing them to ex- plode, while continuing to act erratically.


Anti-vax dating site that let people advertise 'mRNA FREE' semen left all its user data exposed.

Turns out, the anti-vax dating service didn't have the most secure system. CRACKED.COM The dating site 'Unjected,' that let people advertise 'mRNA FREE' semen, left their web application framework in debug mode, allowing all of their user data to be exposed.

Daily Dot

Florida Man Accused of Driving to Space Force Base in Stolen Truck to Warn of Aliens.

A man in Florida drove a stolen truck to warn the Space Force about aliens. UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE MMXIX CRACKED.COM Corey Johnson was arrest- ed at Patrick Space Force Base, explaining to author- ities he was told by the president to warn the government there was US aliens fighting with Chi- nese dragons.


Member of Japanese macaque gang terrorizing local humans caught & killed.

Hunters have killed a member of the fearsome monkey gang that has been terrorizing Yamaguchi. GRAGKED.COM The macaques have in- jured almost 50 people in the Japanese city, and one male was tranquil- ized and put down after being found in the grounds of a high school.


Cats classified as invasive alien species by Polish scientific institute.

A Polish scientific institute has classified cats as an invasive alien species. CRACKED.COM Wojciech Solarz described the growing scientific con- sensus that domestic cats have a harmful impact on biodiversity given the number of birds and mam- mals they hunt and kill.

CBS News

New York City store locks up Spam in plastic case amid crime spike.

A spike in crime resulted in an NYC store putting their Spam behind glass. orry SPAM F SPAM SPAM SPA SPAM SAL SAL STE Nation SPA within SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM S E SPAM 2001 SPAM SPAN SEL SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM TYPE 2 SPA SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM - SPAM - SPAM SPAM SPAN S Monday SPAM M CRACKED COM M The Duane Reade inside New York City's Port Au- thority bus depot put the $3.99 canned meat product out of reach behind lock and key, along with cans of tuna and electric razors.


DIY Collective Embeds Abortion Pill Onto Business Cards.

An anarchist collective has developed a DIY kit to make abortion medication at home. NSN 6505-01-337-5775 Cytotec® (misoprostol) 100 mcg CRACKED.COM The business cards distrib- uted by Mixl Laufer read This Card is an Abortion, and contain three doses of misoprostol, a medication that safely induces an abor- tion when properly used.


Social media trend encourages people to steal Kia, Hyundai cars using USB cables.

People are hotwiring Kia and Hyundai cars using USB cables. CRACKED.COM Spurred on by videos on TikTok (of course), teens are breaking into the cars, taking apart the ig- nition, and starting the engine with a phone charger.


Wildfires Are Setting Off 100-Year-Old Bombs on WWI Battlefields.

100-year-old bombs from WWI are being set off by wildfires in Slovenia. CRACKED COM Shrapnel buzzed the firefighters working nearby, but no one was hurt. Officials have stopped counting det- onations due to their sheer number.


A Chinese restaurant patron discovered 100 million year old dinosaur footprints.

100 million year old dino footprints were discovered by a restaurant patron in China. CRACKED.COM The restaurant where the Sauropod footprints were found only opened in the past year. Before that, the area was a chicken farm, and layers of dirt helped protect the footprints from erosion.


Chick-fil-A Is Asking for 'Volunteers' to Work for 5 Chicken Sandwiches Per Hour.

Chick-fil-A wants to pay 'volunteers' 5 sandwiches an hour. GRAGKED.COM The North Carolina restau- rant posted a job opportu- nity on Facebook, saying Drive Thru Express volun- teers could Earn 5 free entrees per shift (1 hr) worked. The post was soon deleted.


Passenger fined US$1,874 after two undeclared McMuffins found in luggage.

Two undeclared McMuffins in a passenger's luggage resulted in a $2,400 fine. CRACKED.COM A passenger traveling from Bali, Indonesia to Australia was handed the fine after authorities brought in tough new biosecurity rules after a Foot and Mouth disease outbreak in Indonesia spread to Bali.

CTV News

NYPD touts seizure of toy gun deemed ‘air rifle’ on West Shore.

The NYPD took to Twitter to brag about seizing a blue and orange toy gun. N NYPD NY NYPD STRATEGIC RESPONSE STRAT STRATEGIC GROU RESPONSE GROUP KICK CRACKED.COM New York's 121st Precinct gloated online about the seizure of the Orbeez wa- ter bead blaster rifle, which they consider an un- lawful air rifle based on their spring-loaded air pump system.

SI Live

Cable company charges deceased customer for her own murder.

Spectrum cable charged a customer for services that ended with their murder. LUNAR D MARK INAL U VENIRS NATU IT DEAR are - TV HD INTERNET Spectrum VOICE spectrum.com 855-70-SPECTRUM CRACKED.COM Attorneys said Thomas' family later received a bill from Spectrum that includ- ed a $58 charge for the murderer's service call and continued to receive bills for service weeks after Thomas died.


Video shows deputy baptizing suspect instead of taking her to jail.

A Tennessee deputy baptized a suspect instead of taking them to jail. CRACKED.COM Former deputy Daniel Wilkey told suspect Shan- dle Marie Riley he would only give her a citation in- stead of taking her to jail for marijuana remnants in her car if she let him bap- tize her.

My News 4

FedEx box containing suspected murder victim's body has been missing for 3 years.

FedEx still doesn't know what happened to the body of a murder victim they were delivering 3 years ago. ONA FedEx FedEx Express 23 CR .TM Wind (in The Jeck asics Gran IL CRACKED.COM BY Jeffrey Merriweather, 32, died in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2019, and his remains were sent to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, then to a facility in St. Louis for more testing, but they nev- er arrived.

Komo News

San Francisco man gets red zone parking ticket after curb was repainted while his car was parked.

San Francisco fined a man after they painted the curb he was already parked at. KAFING THIS - - - I books TRAFFIC CITATION - GRACKED.COM Jeff Jolly has parked at the same spot on the street for 25 years, however recently the city repainted the curb while his car was sitting there, going so far as to paint around his tire.


Drake defends his short private jet flights – by saying plane was empty.

Drake defended his private Boeing 767 use by saying the plane was empty during flights. CRACKED.COM The rapper defended the short, 20-minute flights the wide-body aircraft took by saying it was being moved to a storage location with no passengers.

The Guardian

Alabama prisons say reporter’s skirt too short to witness execution.

A reporter was almost blocked from witnessing a state execution because her skirt was too short. GRAGKED.COM Alabama prison officials examined female report- ers' clothing and tried to block her from witnessing the execution of a death-row inmate, saying her skirt and shoes violat- ed a prison dress code.


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