15 Worldly Facts That Really Pollinated Our Tulips

15 Worldly Facts That Really Pollinated Our Tulips

In my line of work as a comedy writer, I enjoy this list of interesting facts, as it offers me a chance to share with you some fascinating items of trivia. You may not be familiar with these facts, and if you are, it could be a while since you last heard them. If you have ever been stuck on an airplane next to someone who wants to know the capital of Burkina Faso, you know the value of knowing facts. I've compiled a list of such facts, and I will be sharing them in no particular order, so as to entertain your brain for a few minutes. I enjoy this list of interesting facts because it offers me a chance to share with you some fascinating items of trivia. If you have any additional facts, please do feel free to share them in the comments section with everyone else.

Farmers are hacking their tractor firmware.

US farmers hack their tractors with Ukrainian firmware. CRACKED.COM This seems to be the only way to actually own the machines and their software, rather than rent them for lifetime from John Deere.


Zimbabwe abandoned its currency due to inflation.

Inflation in Zimbabwe reached 76.9 billion percent in 2008. 100000 000 000 000 RESERVE BANK OF ZIMBABWE 1000000000 000000 I promise to pay FEBLE the bearer on demand ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabure GRACKED.COM Dr G. Gone One year later, Zimba- bwe abandoned its currency. The ex- change rate at the time was $35 quadril- lion Zimbabwean dol- lars to $1 US dollar.


John Hughes almost made a “Jaws” sequel.

Jaws 3 was almost a comedy written by John Hughes. CRACKED.COM Universal Pictures near- ly greenlit the sequel, called, Jaws 3, People 0. Instead, they made Jaws 3-D, which bombed with critics and at the box office.


A computer system failed during a NASA flight, so Buzz Aldrin had to do the calculations.

Buzz Aldrin stepped in when a computer docking system failed during a space flight. GRAGKED.COM On NASA's Gemini XII flight, the computer docking system failed and Buzz Aldrin success- fully calculated the dock- ing trajectory using a sex- tant and a slide rule.


A baseball coach “caught” a grapefruit dropped from a plane.

A grapefruit was dropped from a plane onto MLB coach Wilbert Robinson in 1915. CRACKED.COM The stunt was supposed to involve dropping a baseball into the coach's glove, but as a prank the grapefruit was dropped instead. When the red pulp exploded on Robin- son, he was convinced he was grievously injured.


There has been the same percentage of left-handed people for thousands of years.

10% of ancient tools uncovered are designed for being left-handed. I'm a lefty CRACKED.COM This indicates that in the last 10,000 years the proportion of the population that is left-handed has re- mained consistent at 10%.

Right Left Right Wrong

Expired mayo helped to power Michigan State University in 2017.

Part of the Michigan State University campus was powered by mayonnaise in 2017. GRACKED.COM After 1250 gallons of mayonnaise went bad, the school's Sustainabili- ty Officer used an anaer- obic digester to turn it into energy and power part of the campus.

Atlas Obscura

A type of pinecone only opens up during forest fires.

The knobcone pine requires fire to complete its reproduction cycle. CRACKED COM Cones remain closed for many years until a fire opens them and allows reseeding. As a result, knobcone cones may even become embed- ded in the growing wood as the tree matures.

Northwest Trees

The US tried to make a flying saucer to fight the Soviets.

The US tried to make a UFO to confuse and fight the Soviets. GRACKED.COM The U.S. Air Force, working with a Canadian aeronau- tics company, tried to build a supersonic flying saucer-like aircraft to si- multaneously wage psy- chological and physical war on the Soviet Union.


The police claimed a lottery jackpot because the ticket was bought illegally.

The police kept a million dollar lottery jackpot that was obtained illegally. LC 5 C 53 6 OZ GRACKED.COM Christina Elizabeth Good- enow bought the winning lottery ticket with her dead mother-in-law's credit card, which made the purchase illegal and subject to forfeiture.

Mail Tribune

People were complaining about socialized medicine 80 years ago.

Fluoride was criticized as socialized medicine back in the mid 20th century. Colgate 10 and 9) Duraphat® un zr ZUO kau PL 00049/0042 Sodium fluoride 50 mg/ 8201.51 5/02 Ce Holder Colgate to lear adid 25.0-45731 Wa tre o by Pharbil Waitro GRAGKED.COM When fluoride was first in- troduced to American wa- ter supplies, it was criti- cized as a Communist plot to socialize medicine and deplete the brain power of American children.

Hydration Anywhere

Before elevators, higher floors were for poor people.

The lower floors of a building used to be meant for wealthy people. CRACKED COM Before the invention of el- evators, and for many years after, the building's lowest floors were prime real estate meant for the wealthy, and the higher floors were for servants.

NY Post

The only civilian ship to sink an enemy warship was the Titanic’s sister ship.

The Titanic's sister ship sank an enemy warship during WWI. CRACKED.COM The RMS Olympic became the only civilian ship to sink an enemy warship during World War 1 when it turned around and rammed a Ger- man submarine attempting to attack it.

War History Online

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