15 Better-Than-Most Facts That Really Roasted Our Marshmallows

Bruce Lee could kick our tail and Cha-Cha real smooth.
15 Better-Than-Most Facts That Really Roasted Our Marshmallows

I enjoy this list of interesting facts very much and think you will, too. There are hundreds of thousands of facts of which I am aware. Of these, I have selected the most fascinating and most entertaining ones, which, I think, will surprise, intrigue, amuse, or astound you. The first one is: When you are told that it is raining outside, but it is a bright sunny day, your brain tells you that the information coming in is wrong. That it must be raining because there is a wet patch on the carpet in front of the door. You do not see the dry patch of sunshine on the ceiling above your head, because the sun is out. This is how your brain works. If your brain tells you that you are not at home, then you are not at home. If you are not at home and you hate this list of interesting facts, then you are not at home. If you are at home, you are at home. Uhh … wait, sorry, that's something from the wrong universe. Anyway, here's the real list:

Cleopatra got a tax break for Mark Antony’s friend.

Cleopatra's handwriting is on display on a papyrus document at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute. GRAGKED.COM The document refers to a tax break for a friend of her husband Mark Antony. Cleopat- ra signed it with a Greek word meaning make it happen.


Yakuza comes from the worst hand in the card game Oicho-Kabu.

Yakuza comes from the worst hand in a Japanese card game. Fantasta CRACKED.COM The worst hand in the game oicho-kabu is an eight, a nine and a three, phonetically expressed as ya-ku-za. This is the ori- gin of the Japanese word for gangster, yakuza.

Metropolis Japan

Mi5 used the equivalent of the Girl Scouts to deliver messages.

During World War 1, MI5 used Girl Guides to deliver secret messages. CRACKED.COM They used Girl Guides instead of Boy Scouts because they found out that Boy Scouts weren't efficient enough, boisterous and talkative.

Scotland's War

The brightest comet in history hit the atmosphere after Caesar’s assassination.

After the assassination of Julius Caesar, a large comet hit the Earth's atmosphere. GRACKED.COM It was seen in Rome and China and may have been the brightest daylight comet in recorded history. It led to Caesar being dei- fied, an Imperial Cult, and the building of the 'Temple of the Comet Star.'

Project Muse

A retired man has been quoted over 100 times by news outlets by making things up.

Many news agencies in the USA have directives against interviewing a certain man. ICO Hajito N EWS CRACKED.COM A retired highway mainte- nance worker named Greg Packer has been quoted over 100 times by news outlets as their man on the streets. Не has admit- ted to making things up to get into the paper.

The New Yorker

Youtube helped an Olympian learn proper technique.

An Olympic javelin thrower learned proper technique from Youtube. CRACKED.COM Kenyan javelin thrower Ju- lius Yego, who won the Olympic silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016, learned how to throw javelin prop- erly by watching YouTube videos when he couldn't find a trainer.


Popeyes gave Beyonce a card for free food, for life.

Beyonce has a free-Popeyes-for-life card. GRACKED C COM The Louisiana kitchen fast-food franchise learned about Beyonce's apparent love of their food, so they gave her all the free chicken and biscuits she could ever want. Pretty sure she can af- ford to pay, though.


North Dakota wasn’t a state until 2012.

North Dakota didn't technically qualify for statehood until its constitution was fixed in 2012. CRACKED.COM 82-year-old care home res- ident John Rolczynski no- ticed it omitted to mention the executive branch when explaining which new offi- cers need to take the oath supporting the US Consti- tution.


Fish, grass, and old newspapers can be made into vodka.

You can make vodka from old newspapers. SMIRNOFF Triple Distilled TEN TIMES FILTERED VODKA GRACKED.COM Sta Rerre Smirn Vodka doesn't have to come from potatoes, it can be made from anything which will ferment, even grass, salmon or old news- papers. Vodka just needs to be a clear spirit distilled to 190 proof.


Bruce Lee could kick our butt and Cha-Cha real smooth.

Bruce Lee gave Cha-Cha lessons on the ship over to America to earn money. GRACKED.COM Lee took Cha-Cha classes to help him practice his foot- work and balance. In 1958 he participated in a dance com- petition and won the Hong Kong Cha-Cha Championship trophy.


A basketball player wore inexpensive shoes to prevent robbery.

Basketball Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon wore off-brand shoes. GRAGKED.COM To combat the robber- ies and killings for shoes that were com- mon at the time, he even released his own signature shoe with Spalding, for $34.95.

The Guardian

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