18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts to Read While Eating Jam or Jelly Toast

18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts to Read While Eating Jam or Jelly Toast

Toast is great. It is the near-perfect edible vehicle for most other foods, a vessel for a wide variety of morsels. One of the best passengers on the toast train is a nice slather of jam or jelly. The tart and sweet of the pulverized fruit pairs well with the dry crisp crunch of toast. It’s the perfect pick-me-up breakfast, or a great quick snack during the midday or before you end the night with slumber.

But since your sense of taste and smell are occupied with jammy bread, why not engage your sight? As you’re eating this wonderful classic food combination, why not feast your eyes on some random facts about movies? After all, movies come in just as many varieties as there are flavors and textures of jams and jellies.

Let your eyeballs gather up some fun trivia as your mouth chews and enjoy the small wonder that is jelly toast.

'The Princess Bride'

CRACKED.COM THE PRINCESS BRIDE André the Giant was too big for his horse. A pulley system was devised to lower the huge guy onto the horse without putting too much weight on the poor beast's spine.

Source: BuzzFeed

'Wonder Woman'

WONDER WOMAN General Erich Ludendorff actually existed. While the thing involving the Greek god of war wasn't real (probably), Ludendorff was actually a general in the German army during World War I. Unlike the movie version, the real Ludendorff resigned and fled to Sweden. CRACKED.COM

Source: BuzzFeed

'Promising Young Woman'

CRACKED.COM PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN The director purposely cast nice guy actors. Emerald Fennell cast Adam Brody, Max Greenfield, and Chris Lowell due to their past screen appearances as nice characters to help sell the reveal when their movie characters were... Well, not nice.

Source: BuzzFeed

'The Good Dinosaur'

THE GOOD DINOSAUR Arlo's movements were based on elephants. Since you can't exactly look at the way a living dinosaur walks, the animators mimicked the movements of elephants for the main dino character. CRACKED.COM

Source: TV Overmind

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