You’re sitting around watching TV or YouTube and then it happens. You see an ad. Ads happen. Like it or not, advertising is the lifeblood of our media. Without ads, there’s no money, without money there are no shows and, well, you get it, right? Even Cracked isn’t above selling ad space in order to keep the lights on in our massive comedy lair.

Anyway, you see an ad for a product that seems OK at best and weird at worst. You wonder who would possibly need— Wait, is that Penélope Cruz? Why is she dressed up like Mario? Damn, she even looks sexy with a bushy, stereotypical mustache. Anyway, what’s this product she’s selling?

Even the biggest celebrities can find themselves selling the oddest products or products that totally go against what we know them for. Here are some of the oddest, weirdest, and out-of-character products that big-time actors, musicians, and persons-of-note have promoted to you on camera.

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Ozzy Osbourne - I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Celebrity Endorsements Ozzy Osbourne couldn't believe it wasn't, in fact, butter. Takey in Butter During the heyday of his family's reality show, Osbourne appeared in a few ads for the butter substitute I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. No word on whether he slathered any on a bat's head. CRACKED.COM

Source: Ad On YouTube

Justin Bieber - Nail Polish

Celebrity Endorsements Nicole by OP THE ONE LESS LONELY GIRL COLLECTION Justin Bieber promoted nail polish when he was 16. As Bieber was barely old enough to get his driver's license, he was selling nail polish to adult women for Nicole by OPI. Bieber Fever was so high that he sold millions of bottles for the brand. CRACKED.COM

Source: Time


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