20 Facts For Every Trivia Aficionado

“Carmen Sandiego” was created because Americans were real dumb.
20 Facts For Every Trivia Aficionado

Stupendous facts are not just for people who enjoy this list of interesting facts. I am writing these for the reader who has no interest in facts, but is a human being. You can think of me as a human being like you. I have nothing better to do with my life than write about facts. This is because I don't know what to do with my life. I want to live. I am not so sure I want to live any longer, however, so I've taken a vow of silence for the next 100 years. But, I am still human. So I am writing about things that make me feel good. This is an absurdist piece of prose written by an absurdist person. Absurdist literature is the literature of a human being. Most human beings are curious about facts, especially interesting ones. You are probably one of them. I don't know who you are, but I know you are here, reading this. Thank you.

News outlets sued Universal for using their names in viral marketing.

Universal Pictures was sued for using the names of actual news outlets in their marketing. CRACKED.COM While marketing 'The Fourth Kind' movie, Univer- sal created fake news sto- ries of alien abductions and posted them online using the names of actual Alaskan news outlets. Those outlets sued and won.


The best selling single ever is a Christmas song written by a Jewish composer.

White Christmas was written by a Jewish composer. CRACKED.COM After finally finishing White Christmas, Irving Berlin sup- posedly said, Not only is it the best song I ever wrote, it's the best song anybody ever wrote! Bing Crosby's 1947 record is the best selling single of all time.


A card-counter developed an algorithm for horse race betting.

A card-counter developed an algorithm for horse race betting. B 7 CRACKED.COM Bill Benter developed an algorithm for betting on Hong Kong horse races that earned him nearly a billion dollars. In 2001, he won $13 million from one bet.


The oldest Briton credited his long life to smoking and drinking.

The oldest Briton in history died at the age of 113. CRACKED.COM Henry Allingham credited his longevity to ciga- rettes, whiskey and wild, wild women - and a good sense of humor. Не fought in WWI, and worked as an engineer in WWII.


Ganymede is a moon larger than Mercury.

One of Jupiter's moons is larger than a planet in our solar system. GRAGKED.COM Jupiter's moon, Gany- mede, is larger than Mercury and would be classed as a planet if it were orbiting the Sun rather than Jupiter.


Van Gogh was only an active painter for 9 years.

Vincent Van Gogh's entire career was only 9 years. CRACKED.COM Vincent Van Gogh didn't start to paint until the age of 28 and only started drawing at the age of 26. In the 9 years, until his death at 37, he painted over 800 paintings.


The ‘Harry Potter’ audiobook narrator uses hundreds of unique voices.

The narrator for the 'Harry Potter' audiobooks used 300 voices. CRACKED.COM To help perform the hundreds of unique character voices, Jim Dale had to playback recordings of himself on set to remember each one, each time.


The British army tried to train seagulls to poop on enemy submarines.

During World War I, the British army tried to train seagulls to defecate onto submarine periscopes. CRACKED.COM The British Board of Invention and Research in 1915 tried to feed gulls with dummy peri- scopes in the hope that the birds would flock to subs they saw in the water. When this didn't work, hoping the birds would poop on the subs was their best bet.


A Narluga is the offspring of a beluga and narwhal.

Narwhals and beluga whales can mate to produce a hybrid called the Narluga. CRACKED.COM The narwhal-beluga whale hybrid inherits characteristics from both parents, but has teeth not like either, indicating the whale is most likely a bottom dweller.

USA Today

The inventor of the Colt pistol tricked the Russians and the Turks into ordering thousands of guns.

Samuel Colt gave a custom gold inlaid revolver to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. GRACKED.COM The inventor informed him that the Russians were buying his pistols. The Turkish ordered 5,000 pis- tols. Colt neglected to tell the Sultan that he had used the same tactic with the Russians.

They Made America 

A star was observed with 28 equal-sized planets orbiting in random ways.

One of the most mysterious stars in the galaxies the The Random Transiter. CRACKED.COM it has 28 equal plan- et-sized objects orbiting it in random ways. The Ке- pler planet-hunter space- craft observed this star for 87 days during the second- ary K2 part of its mission.

Earth Sky

A runner was stuck in traffic so he hoofed it to the Olympics.

An Olympic runner ran 2 miles to make it to his event because it was faster than going by bus. CRACKED.COM During the 1968 Olympics, Kipchoge Keino was late for the 1500m final, be- cause he was stuck in traf- fic. Не ran 2 miles to make it to the event on time, and still won the gold.

Runners World 

The Louvre was originally built as a fortress.

The Louvre was originally built in 1190 to protect Paris from the Vikings. CRACKED.COM In the 16th century it became a palace, and in 1793 it became a museum after the French royal family moved to the Palace of Versailles.

USA Today

Over more than a decade, two brothers exchanged the same pair of pants wrapped in increasingly wild ways.

Two brothers re-gifted the same pair of pants for over 12 Christmases, in increasingly difficult 'wrapping! الله CRACKED.COM One particularly inven- tive packaging includ- ed a crushed AMC Gremlin with a note saying: Merry Christ- mas, the pants are in the glove box.


Lincoln is the only US President with a patent.

Abraham Lincoln was the first and only U.S. President to receive a patent. CRACKED.COM Prior to becoming President, Lincoln was an avid boater, and in 1849 he invented a method for buoying vessels over shoals which was a common problem for him traveling the Ohio and Mis- sissippi rivers.


“Carmen Sandiego” was created because Americans were real dumb.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was made to pick up the slack from American public schools. WHERE IN WORLD IS ANDIEGO? CRACKED.COM The 1990s PBS game show was created in response to a National Geographic sur- vey stating that 1 in 4 Americans could not lo- cate the Soviet Union or The Pacific Ocean.

NY Times

A screenwriter really stranded himself to realistically write “Cast Away.”

The Cast Away screenwriter stranded himself on an island for research. CRACKED COM William Broyles Jr. took the writing pro- cess seriously, and when a volleyball washed up on shore, it became the inspiration for Wilson.

Austin Chronicle 

The “dun dun” Law & Order effect is a few layered sounds.

The Law & Order dun dun sound effect combines six to seven different sounds. LAW & ORDER CRACKED.COM Nestled within the ubiquitous effect is the sound of 500 Japanese men stomping their feet on a wooden floor.

NY Daily News

Schwarzenegger was too jacked when he first started filming “Conan.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger was too muscular when he began filming Conan The Barbarian. CRACKED.COM Schwarzenegger had to cut down his work- out routine because his arm and chest mus- cles were so big that he couldn't wield a sword properly.


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