15 Absurd Patriotic Characters In Superhero Comics

15 Absurd Patriotic Characters In Superhero Comics

Patriotism is a helluva thing. At its most innocent, it can be rooting for your home team and acknowledging your country's flaws while working, voting, and hoping it can become better than its current form. At its worst, it will have superfans that root for everything it does without question or compassion towards outside nations. This Pictofact is about the second part.

Comic books have never been accused of subtlety. By the nature of their medium, they’re big, bright, loud, and colorful — much like the guy next door who wears an American flag cape on the Fourth of July (even though most patriots would think that would be disrespectful, but don’t tell him that). With that comes characters and moments of “patriotism” that are just goddamn insane.

Here are some characters in comic books that represent the absolute dirt worst in American patriotism, which are at best absurd and at worst harmful to others.

Mister America

Patriotic Superheroes Mister America is Indiana Jones with a mask and cape. Mister America (A.K.A Americommando) is just a dude named Тех Thompson who beats up Nazis with a bullwhip. Except that his sidekick isn't named Short Round but, uh, Fatman. CRACKED.COM

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