You gotta feed your mind, or at least that’s the turn of phrase. We mean, it’s good advice in a metaphorical sense, but what does that look like in action? Do you eat things that boost your brain? If so, what foods would that be? Surely it’s not enough to take that mushroom-based brain booster supplement that you heard about on that one podcast you like. There has to be substance to it.

What is the mouth of the brain? What do we feed into it? Is the mouth of the brain the same mouth as the mouth in our head? They're close to one another and the mouth feeds the rest of the human body, so that would make sense.

What does this all mean? It means that we think the best mind food is random movie facts. These bits of info are pretty fun to snack on, whether they benefit you or not.

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Ratatouille None of the human characters have toes. To save time, the artists and animators at Pixar didn't make any toes for the human characters, which is odd given Pixar's reputation for fine details in their films. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Everything Everywhere All At Once

CRACKED.COM Everything Everywhere All At Once The working title was A Woman Tries To Do Her Taxes. The production shot under this title to prevent folks from spying and leaking details.

Source: BuzzFeed

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

CRACKED.COM The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Marilyn Burns was tied for 26 hours (and it terrified her). The short scene took nearly 26 hours to shoot. Burns being restricted for that long with men looming all around her made her scared for real.

Source: Esquire


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