20 Trivia Tidbits Uncovered For Trivia Adventurers

A Jordache Jeans blimp crashed in the same place as the Hindenburg.
20 Trivia Tidbits Uncovered For Trivia Adventurers

This is a list of some interesting things. The order of the items in this list has no particular significance. I wrote this list of interesting facts while on a very long train journey. I wrote the first few items on the list while in my hotel room. The train journey was from New York to Washington DC. It took approximately sixteen hours. It is worth mentioning that I enjoy this list of interesting facts. It is a very enjoyable activity to read and to make up new items for this list.  There are many different ways to create new items for the list. One way to make up new items is to make up a question based on an item from the list, then think of the answer. I have been making up a new question for the list every day. Sometimes the question is about a single item on the list. Other times the question is about several items on the list at once. 

Bon appetit, mayo can stay on your kitchen counter.

Mayonnaise does not need to be refrigerated. CRACKED.COM Enjoyers of room tempera- ture, table mayo rejoice! Commercially produced May- onnaise has a high enough acidity that bacteria growth associated with food-borne illnesses is slowed.


D.B. Cooper is the only unsolved air piracy case.

There is only one unsolved air piracy case in commercial aviation history. GRACKED.COM In 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 with a briefcase bomb, demanding $200,000 and four parachutes The air- craft landed to let off the pas- sengers, took flight again, and Cooper presumably lept out never to be heard from again.

NY Times

The Osmonds formed a band to afford hearing devices for two of their brothers.

One of the reasons the Osmonds formed was to raise money to buy their brothers hearing aids. CRACKED.COM Tom and Virl Osmond were both born with severe hearing loss. They both eventually learned how to play several instruments and in later years made ос- casional appearances with their brothers and sister.

Ability Magazine

Whoopi Goldberg witnessed an air travel disaster.

Whoopi Goldberg will not travel by plane. GRAGKED.COM Goldberg only travels by tour bus because she witnessed a mid-air plane collision take place in San Diego back in 1978, known as the PSA-182 tragedy.


The fact that the Wis in orbit leads to its weightlessness.

The ISS is weightless because it's in orbit, not because of its distance from Earth. CRACKED.COM An airplane at the same altitude, under its own power, would have 89% as much gravity as the Earth's surface.


Tiger beetles run faster than they can see.

Tiger beetles run so fast they temporarily blind themselves. GRACKED.COM When moving at up to 120 body lengths per second, their environ- ment becomes a blur as their eyes can't gather enough light to form an image.


The first microscope forensic investigation was in 1846.

The first crime solved by a microscope was in 1846. CRACKED.COM Joseph Leidy examined blood on the shirt of an ac- cused murderer and deter- mined that the blood was from a human and not the blood of a chicken, as the suspect had claimed.

Penn Today

The Finnish military was still using swastikas until 2020.

The Finnish military had a swastika on their logo until 2020. CRACKED.COM Finland's air force has been using a swastika ever since it was founded in 1918, but outside pressure made them change it... to a golden eagle with its wings proudly outstretched. Oh no.


A serial killer was caught in a very Looney Tunes fashion.

Serial killer Eric Edgar Cookie was caught with the ol'gun on a fishing line trick. 0mmx10 WESON COMBAT CRACKED.COM Cooke was arrested after throwing his firearm into a bush, which the police found, substituted for an inoperable one attached to a fishing line and waited in a hide for him to come back and pick up.

Felon Podcast

Some CA schools have days where the air is so bad kids have to stay inside.

Schools in the Imperial Valley in California use color coded flags based on the air quality. CRACKED.COM The air quality around the Salton Sea is so bad that schools use green, yellow, and red flags for children who have asthma. Green means they join their friends on the playground, whereas red means they stay inside all day.

Desert Sun

The first Olympic discus throwers were largely just winging it.

Many of the participants in the first Olympic discus throw had never actually thrown one before. GRAGKED.COM American competitor Robert Garrett had been training with a discus several times the weight of the one in the event, and ended up winning gold. The Greek champions were too busy trying to replicate the poses of ancient Greek statues.


Beer is an (officially) important part of Belgium’s culture.

Belgium's beer culture is a part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. GRACKED.COM Brussels' regional leader, Rudi Vervoort, said that beer has been a part of our so- ciety since time imme- morial. We'll drink to that.

The Guardian

The RP Flip research seacraft can sit completely vertical in the water.

The interior of the Flip Ship is designed to be useful when it transitions from horizontal to vertical. CRACKED.COM The RP Flip can com- pletely upend itself in the water, so there are two doors to every room on the ship to facilitate entrance when the ship is horizontal and when the ship is vertical.

Marine Insight

A “racist” visual gag in Invader Zim had to be changed.

An episode of Invader Zim had to be changed because it included a sign that read Welcome to Mexico. CRACKED.COM The ending of the episode Walk of Doom involved Zim and GIR being dropped off in a slum with Spanish music playing and the sign serving as a visual gag, but Nickelodeon was concerned it was racist.

Buzzy World

Jordache Jeans are responsible for a tragedy bigger than their designer pants.

A Jordache Jeans blimp crashed in the same place as the Hindenburg disaster. CRACKED.COM The 170-foot long blimp, on its way to a gala chris- tening party in Manhattan, hit some trees and was grounded shortly after takeoff in Lakehurst, NJ. This time, there were no casualties.


Some women in Tibet still marry multiple men from the same family.

It's traditional in Tibet for a woman to be married to multiple men in the same family. GRAGKED.COM The woman would be mar- ried to multiple brothers in order to keep the land within the same family. The practice was technical- ly outlawed in 1981, but has no penalties and isn't pros- ecuted.

Tibet Travel

10 million people attended the first World’s Fair held in the US.

A quarter of the US population attended the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. CRACKED.COM The first official World's Fair to be held in the United States, held in Philadelphia in 1876, was attended by 10 million people and 37 countries participated.

Yale Courses

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