15 Facts That Really Tamed Our Impalas

Lady Gaga’s meat dress was preserved by taxidermists.
15 Facts That Really Tamed Our Impalas

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a bookstore. I enjoy lists of interesting facts, so I decided to get a notebook. I didn't find anything that caught my eye at the time. So I went to the fiction section. I was looking through the books on display when I spotted something that caught my attention. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were two books sitting side by side on a shelf. One was titled Stupendous Facts To Entertain Our Brains, and the other was titled Stupendous Facts to Entertain Our Brains. I stood there staring at them for a few moments before it finally hit me: I could actually write down all these stupid little things to amuse my brain in my own journal. I bought both books and took them to a nearby coffee shop, and started writing down facts in the notebook I had picked up earlier.

The Beach Vole only lives on one Nantucket island.

The rarest known mammal can only be found on one US island. CRACKED.COM The Beach Vole can only be found on Muskeget Is- land, off the west coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The vole was driven to functional extinction by stray cats until reintro- duced in 1893.


Oz’s Cowardly Lion wore real lion pelts.

The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz wore real lion's skin. CRACKED.COM The costume, made from real lion skin and fur, sold for more than $3 million at a New York City auc- tion in 2014.


Whoever finds baby Jesus in the Mardi Gras King Cake has to buy the next one.

During Mardi Gras, if you find the plastic baby in the King Cake, you have to buy the next one. GRACKED.COM The King Cake baby, sometimes called a fève, represents baby Jesus and the finder is said to have luck and prosperity for the rest of the year.


Two people sold the corpses of their murder victims to a medical school in the 1800s.

Two people in the 1800s made money by killing people and selling the cadavers. CRACKED.COM William Hare would rent housing in Edinburgh's poor community, and Wil- liam Burke would get resi- dents drunk and suffocate them. The bodies were sold to Edinburgh Universi- ty medical school.

Historic UK

A 100 million year extinct sea sponge was discovered alive recently.

Glass sponges were recently rediscovered after being thought extinct for 100 million years. CRACKED.COM In the last 25 years, the long thought extinct sponges were found living on reefs at up to 900 meters below the ocean surface. They are thought to live up to 40,000 years, but changing sea lev- els cut that to 15,000.

Research Gate

A 17-year-old Marine snuck on a ship to storm Iwo Jima.

Jacklyn Lucas joined the Marines at 14 and 3 years later snuck onto a ship bound for Iwo Jima. GRACKED.COM Lucas stormed the beach without a rifle and threw himself on top of 2 gre- nades to protect his team. Не survived and earned the Medal of Honor at age 17.


Debris on the road accounts for 200,000+ crashes.

Over four years, road debris accounts for more than 200,000 car crashes. GRACKED COM Nearly 37 percent of all deaths in road debris crashes resulted from the driver swerving to avoid hitting an object. Debris results in approximately 39,000 injuries and more than 500 deaths in the US.


The Mets made a live mule their mascot for one (terrible) season.

The Mets switched their mascot for a mule one season. GRACKED.COM Mr. Met was replaced in 1979 with a live mule named Mettle. The team finished the season with the worst record in their division, and the average attendance was the lowest in Mets history.


The #1 Bridge player was taking performance enhancing drugs.

The #1 Bridge player in the world had his credentials taken when it was discovered he was boosting his testosterone. 7 24 5 9 К A Chicago Score Sheet mas GRACKED.COM Geir Helgemo had used two drugs to increase his testosterone and was stripped of his credentials, even though performance enhancers wouldn't have affected his ability to play the card game.

The Guardian

Male students used to swim nude in Chicago public schools.

In Chicago public schools, male students were required to be nude during swimming classes. CRACKED.COM For more than 50 years, boys swam laps with their cheeks out. Female students were allowed to wear swimsuits. The practice persisted until the 1970s.


Vinegar actually does catch more flies than honey.

You actually do catch more flies with vinegar than with honey. GRACKED.COM Adult flies forage for mi- crobes on overripe fruit, relying on their sense of smell to detect the acetic acid (the chemical that gives vinegar its pungent aroma).


Ford’s Theater does not perform that last play Lincoln witnessed.

Ford's Theater refuses to perform the play which Abraham Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated. GRACKED COM The theater says: What would a full-scale reenact- ment of a night that ended in violence do for even someone who hadn't experienced gun violence - much less some- one who had.


Taxidermists jerkied Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

Lady Gaga's meat dress was preserved by taxidermists. CRACKED.COM The taxidermists turned the 2010 dress into a form of beef jerky. Over twelve years later, the dress is still intact and on dis- play in Las Vegas.


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