20 Stupendous Facts To Entertain Our Brains

20 Stupendous Facts To Entertain Our Brains

Do enjoy this list of interesting facts, which is a collection of odd facts that are worth knowing.I have always been intrigued by the many strange and wonderful things that exist in the world. The fact that people don't believe some of these things makes me want to learn more. In fact, some of these things are so unbelievable that they have to be true. For example, I do not believe that the human brain is larger than the planet Saturn.Stupendous Facts To Entertain Our Brains (or SFEOB) will attempt to answer questions such as “Is the human brain really larger than the planet Saturn?” and “Is it possible to survive without eating?” and “Why do humans have a thing?” I enjoy this list of interesting facts very much and would like to thank all the readers for visiting this website. If you want to send me any interesting facts of your own, I would love to hear them. 

The UK intelligence service developed itching powder to make German soldiers uncomfortable.

Itching powder was put into the underwear of German uniforms by resistance laundresses. free abell 245 3 od 1930 . CRAGKED.COM The itching powder made from the Mucuna plant's spiked seeds was devel- oped by the United King- dom's intelligence service to demoralize German sail- ors by making them tre- mendously uncomfortable.

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Mud Dauber wasps seal paralyzed spiders in their nests for their young to eat.

Some wasps paralyze spiders and bring them back to their nests to lay their eggs. CRACKED.COM The Mud Dauber wasp builds tubular nests out of mud, and then gathers spiders to para- lyze and seal up in their nest with an egg. When their young hatches, they eat the spider.

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Toilet paper is bleached to make it softer, and becoming white is just a happy accident.

Toilet paper is bleached to make it softer and last longer. GRAGKED.COM Manufacturers bleach wood pulp to remove the polymer lignin, a process that creates softer tissue. The paper being whitened is just a positive by-prod- uct of this process.


Geishas and samurai used lead face paint.

Lead can be detected in the remains of former Japanese geishas. CRACKED.COM The white face paint worn by geishas and samurai in ancient Ja- pan was lead based, and so lead can be de- tected in their bones.


Pill bugs aren’t bugs at all.

Pill bugs are crustaceans, not insects. CRACKED COM The potato bug, ro- ly-poly, or woodlouse is an isopod, a type of non-insect arthropod also called a terrestri- al crustacean.


Crafts and knitting are an integral part of Finnish culture.

Knitting is part of the school curriculum in Finland. CRACKED.COM Crafts as well as knitting have long been an integral part of Finnish culture, hence why it is a part of the school curriculum and part of the tradition that has long been passed from one generation to the next.

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A character in a board game was based off a fake Wikipedia entry for a New Zealand farmer.

A New Zealand farmer was put into a board game after his friends made him a fake Wikipedia entry. GRACKED.COM G Kotahi-Manawa Bradford was accidentally turned into a character for the board game 'Rising Sun' after his friends created a fake Wikipedia entry de- scribing him as a mythical Japanese monster.

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‘iPhone’ is used by Apple, and a Chinese leather maker.

Apple has to share the iPhone trademark with a Chinese leather maker. CRACKED.COM Apple lost their legal battle against IPHONE, a Chinese brand that makes leather prod- ucts, none of which are phones.


It’s legal to kill a mantis, but you still probably shouldn’t.

It's never been illegal to kill a praying mantis in the US. GRACKED.COM Praying Mantis' have never been an endan- gered species, and the urban legend that it's against the law to kill one has been around since the 1950's.


Only two US volcanologists have been killed by volcanoes.

A US volcanologist David Johnston was killed during the Mt Saint Helens eruption. CRACKED.COM Johnston's mentee, Harry Glick- en, was supposed to join him that day but was reassigned just beforehand. Glicken went on to be killed 11 years later during the eruption of Mt Unzen. They are the only two US volcanologists killed by volcanoes.

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A North American bird lays eggs in time for the full moon.

Eastern Whip-poor-wills lay their eggs in phase with the lunar cycle so they hatch 10 days before a full moon. CRACKED.COM When the moon is near full, the adults can forage the entire night and capture large quantities of in- sects to feed to their nestlings.

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Inflation in Hungary once doubled every 15 hours.

Current inflation in the US has nothing on what happened to Hungary in 1946. CRACKED.COM Inflation was so high that prices doubled every 15 hours. Something that cost 379 Hungarian peng S in Sep 1945, ended up cost- ing 1 trillion trillion peng S by Jul 1946.


Keto is a treatment option for epilepsy.

Ketogenic diets are a viable treatment option for those that suffer epilepsy. CRACKED.COM Keto diets are a viable treatment option for epi- lepsy that has not re- sponded to multiple antie- pileptic drugs (refractory seizures). It is also under investigation for utility in Alzheimer's.

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Crypto is the dominant form of payment the IRS seizes.

Almost all of the assets seized by the IRS in 2021 were cryptocurrencies. ethereum B ripple FTV CRACKED.COM The $3.5 billion in crypto accounts for 93% of all as- sets seized in 2021. Digital money has quickly become the dominant form of pay- ment in criminal cases in which the agency seizes funds.

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Exoplanet discoveries have doubled every 27 months since their first discovery.

The number of known exoplanets has doubled every 27 months since they were first discovered. CRACKED.COM Since the first exo- planets were discov- ered in the early 90s, the number is now over 4,000 of con- firmed findings.


A pilot defected from Cuba and then returned to grab his family.

A Cuban military pilot defected to America and then returned to exfiltrate his wife and children. 03 CRACKED.COM Orestes Lorenzo Perez flew a MIG-23 to the US in 1991, and then took a six-pas- senger Cessna 310 back to Cuba, where he was con- sidered a traitor, to extract his family.

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